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Benefits Of Using Fleece in Clothing


Fleece is a simple term for Polar fleece which is actually a flattened and soft insulating synthetic fabric made from poly ethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers. Fleece has replaced wool by becoming the strong pile fabric. Though it is strong, it is very light at the same time. Fleece weighs about a third of the weight of wool while possessing some of the finer qualities of wool. It can also be made partially from recycled plastic bottles. It is used in sweaters, casual jackets, hats and sweat pants. It is easy to wash.


Fleece was first used in clothing in 1979 by Malden Mills which has now become Polartec LLC. Clothing fleece comes in different thickness traditionally ranging from micro to the thickest.

Clothing fleece products come in the form of jackets, gilets, sleeping bag liners, vests, pullovers, shorts, trousers, scarfs and hats.


The benefit of clothing fleece is that it is lightweight and soft and very comfortable when worn. It retains its insulating properties even when wet making it ideal for rainy weather. These qualities also make it advantageous for clothing that is meant for heavy physical activity or exercises. Sweat passes easily through the fabric. It is washable in the normal automatic washing machines and can dry easily. It is a superb alternative to wool, particularly for those people who are sensitive or allergic to wool. Another benefit is that it can be made out of recycled poly ethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

While taking the advantages of clothing fleece into account, you have to be careful because fleece is easily flammable in comparison with wool as it is made up partially of non-renewable petroleum branch sources. It is also not wind proof and does not absorb moisture. It generates a high amount of static electricity causing lint, dust and pet hair to accumulate on the clothes.

The most important property of clothing fleece is that it keeps you warm. This is done by holding air in a pile fabric that gets warmth from your body. Fleeces can benefit you threefold by giving you the protection, warmth and the comfort layers. An important factor is that clothing fleece provides you warmth when you are outdoors. It does this with little dry time and little weight.

Tips and comments

Polyester has significant properties for fleeces as it can breathe and at the same time keeps moisture away from the body. Polyester fleece reduces the amount of plastic from the landfills and can become less damaging to the environment.

When you are washing clothing fleece items, you can wash them inside out in a gentle cycle, using the warm water to rinse. Fleece can also be handwashed. You have to use only mild detergents. You need not use bleach or fabric softeners on fleece items as both the chemicals can reduce the water resistant properties. You cannot use a hot iron on clothing fleece as it can leave a permanent mark on your clothes.

Fleece is an adaptable and comfortable fabric. It will help reduce toxic emissions from the incinerators and will create less air and water contamination. Fleece renews water repellency and maintains insulation to keep you warm. It prolongs the life of the clothing and can also optimize its use in rainy weather. It is environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and does not contain fluorocarbons. Fleece has become the fabric of choice for manufacturers of sportswear for its durability and versatility.


By Sia Attavar, published at 03/15/2012
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