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How To Refresh Used Clothing


Almost every one of us is fond of new dresses. The fashion world keeps coming with new designs and styles that would attract the current generation people. So we tend to buy new dresses more often than we were used to. Apart from purchasing, it is the maintenance of the clothing used, that needs more effort and focus. There are different types of dresses that are available in today’s market, and all types of dresses cannot be maintained in the same way. Some of the brands come up with a maintenance guide for each dress, which will be made available to the customers on purchase. The silk dresses, for instance, cannot be washed in the same way, as the normal clothing used. Sometimes we would wear a dress for some parties or functions, which do not take more than 2 hours. So after purchasing the clothes for some high prices, we would not like to wash these clothing used for just one or two hours a day. That is when we need to find some alternative ways in order to refresh our clothes.

Step 1

Ever since the human race got civilized, they started wearing clothes to cover their body. Unlike today, during early days, people did not have more than two to three sets of clothes for oneself. So they had to repeat the clothes more often. Washing those clothes every day was definitely not feasible. These early day men started using the cloth refreshment techniques as an alternate to wash the clothing used.

Step 2

They used sandal woods to treat the smell that aroused form the clothes, which gives it a good aroma. Those sandal woods were used as an alternate to the modern day’s perfume. To get rid of the wrinkles from the dress, they used to heat water in a vessel and then slide the vessel over the clothing used. This technique was used in place of iron boxes of today’s world.

Step 3

One of the best methods that could be incorporated to refresh the clothing used is to make use of a steam dryer. No one would be willing to wash the clothes that were used just for a few minutes. A steam dryer would come in handy in those kinds of situations. The process of using a steam dryer is much simpler when compared to any other refreshment method for clothing used.

Step 4

One has to put the clothes inside the dryer and leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. The dryer has the ability to emit steam, which would make sure that the bad smell from the clothes is taken care of. Also due to the heat produced by the steam the wrinkles would be made to vanish, giving a perfect look to the clothing used. So this kind of technique could well be used, instead of washing the clothes that were not used extensively.

Step 5

• While purchasing a certain type of cloth, learn a bit about the required level of maintenance for the clothes.
• Repeated washing makes the color fade away and that would have a negative effect on the cloth’s durability.


To refresh used clothing learn some of the cloth refreshing methods and make the best use of them.

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