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How To Take Care Of a Sweater And Other Knitted Clothing


Purchasing clothing sweaters is quite costly, and so you need to be a bit careful while taking in the effort of storing them if you want to use it for a long period of time. In order to keep your sweater clothing in perfect shape and condition it requires some unique care. Some sweaters require some special care that is they have some fibers that can be either manmade or natural, which is why they need special attention. After reading this you will have a better idea of how you can preserve the appearance of your sweaters.

Step 1

The first thing that you need to do is fold your sweaters, if you start hanging them, you will have a larger sweater as compared with the last time you wore it. So if you don’t want to spoil your clothing sweaters appearance makes sure to fold them properly. Make sure you remove pills from the sweaters in order to make them look presentable. Piling is a result of rubbing that is more apparent to the elbows, and on the sleeves, but it can occur anywhere on the sweater. You can use a small electric shaver or hand-held depillar in order to do de-pilling.

Step 2

You can always use a soft hair brush from the market, like the ones used for babies, as it brushes off all the unnecessary items off your knitwear. You always have to ensure that you repair your clothing sweater the time you see it. I strongly recommend you repair your sweater as soon as possible so that you overcome all the minor faults. Another major tip that you have to keep in mind is do not wear the same sweater everyday as if you will wear it so often it loses its shape. Another negative point of wearing the sweater every day is that it builds up perspiration stains that may become permanent so always wear sweaters and jackets alternatively.

Step 3

Follow all the instructions given on your clothing sweater or the knitwear line. Only machine wash the sweater if the instructions listed on it allow you to do it. It is always better to wash woolen sweaters by hand in a soapy solution. Wash your sweaters in luke warm water or a scented soapy water to add some fragrance to your sweater line. Always wash a sweater with its inside out and never wring a sweater. Remember always allow a sweater to drip dry or let the excess water roll out in a towel.

Step 4

Wringing the clothing sweaters is strictly forbidden as it results in the sweater losing out on its shape. You have to pay special attention to sweaters that have embroideries or beads on them so try to use cold water as it prevents the sweater from fading.

Step 5

It is extremely important that you store all your clothing sweaters carefully especially in the summer months avoid using any moth balls as they tend to give off a bad smell you can use cedar balls, mixed herbal sachets or even dry bay leaves. Just make sure that your wardrobe is clean and you dust it out at the end of every season.


Here a few more tips as to how to store your sweaters clothing. Make sure that whenever you store your sweater it should be dry as if it will be damp it will encourage the growth of mold and that cannot be removed. This can even pass on to other sweaters lying around and can give it a bad smell. If you have sweaters clothing made out of cashmere use gentle solutions like Lux flakes or Woolite as this retains the softness of your sweaters and ensures that it has a longer life.

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