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How To Hang Clothing on a Line Outside


For some folks linen drying outside on a clothing line is preferred over drying clothes in a dryer machine. Hanging your clothes to dry on a clothing line not only leaves the clothes feeling crisp and clean but also leaves them with an outdoors fresh scent.

Step 1

The first step to hanging your clothes on a clothing line is to make sure you're hanging them on a part of the clothing line that is not directly in the sun. To prevent your clothes from fading and discoloring, it's best to hang them in a breezy and shaded area of the line.

Step 2

Once you've found the perfect breezy and shaded area to hang the clothing, you next need to take the clothing out of the laundry basket or carrier you have them in and give them a good rough shake. This prevents your clothes from wrinkling while hanging. You then will need to use the pins that came with the clothing line and pin down the clothing to the line. You need to use two pins for shirts and four pins for pants or bottom wear. Once you've pinned all the clothing down, give every piece a good pull at the very bottom as this also will prevent wrinkling.

Step 3

When drying clothes on a clothing line, it's a good idea to also make sure the pieces are separated a bit from one another. This allows each piece of clothing on the clothing line to efficiently dry as well as prevent sagging and wrinkles.

Step 4

Make sure to stay away from hanging knitted sweaters on a clothing line. If a piece of clothing says to dry clean or flat dry only, do it as it says and do not try to hang it on a clothing line outside as it will ruin the piece

Step 5

Check the clothing on the clothing line every couple hours, just to see how things are coming along. Once you feel your clothing is dry or dried to your liking, it's time to take down the pieces off the clothing line. All you need to do is simply remove the pins from the clothing and clothing line. Once the pins are all removed, you will need to nicely fold your clothes and place them in the basket or clothing carrier that is outside with you.

The Benefits of Drying Clothes Outdoors

  • All your clothing and linens will smell fresh
  • Your saving energy costs from not using your dryer
  • Clothing line drying keeps the moisture outdoors
  • It's a wonderful way to exercise your arms
  • It's a good excuse to get outside and enjoy nature for a bit

Tips and Comments

When buying a clothing line, make sure you're purchasing one made in Australia or New Zealand as these two countries still use clothing lines to hang their clothing outdoors, so their products are really great quality. You also may want to buy something called a clothes horse. It's basically used for the hanging of delicate clothing. It looks like a portable clothing carousel and actually is sold for under $10.00 at most home good stores.

By Nicole Marie, published at 03/19/2012
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