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Where To Buy Boys Newborn Clothing

Published at 03/15/2012 22:05:38


Expecting a new baby can be exciting. From choosing a name, to decorating the nursery and picking out clothing, this is a once in a lifetime experience. You will probably also want to dress your baby in adorable clothes. There are many different places where you can purchase boys newborn clothing, if you are expecting a baby boy. Dressing them is one of the most fun things about having a newborn in your life.


Ages ago, most boys newborn clothing was handmade by members of the family. While some people do still incorporate handmade pieces into their baby's wardrobe, many choose to buy new from retailer locations. Depending on where you are buying your boys newborn clothing from, the sizing may vary just a little. Typically, the newborn size range goes up to 7 lbs. and 17 inches in length. If your child weighs more than this when he is born, it is possible that he will not need newborn sizes and may go straight into 0 to 3 months. Remember, different types of clothing may fit differently. For example, a one-piece sleeper may not fit the same as a t-shirt.


Where To Buy Boys Newborn Clothing

Boys newborn clothing can be purchased at tons of different retailers around the world. If shopping in the country, a few of the most popular stores that carry newborn sizes include Babies R Us, Kohl's, Walmart, Target, and JC Penney. Each one of these stores is either a large retailer or a department store and carries a number of different boys newborn clothing brands. At Babies R Us, you can find everything that your little boy will need from birth and up, such as diapers, feeding accessories, toys, and most importantly, clothing. Babies R Us has their own brands of clothes and also sells pieces from brands such as Carters.

Walmart is another popular option for buying boys newborn clothing. Walmart is one of the most affordable places to buy clothing that your child will outgrow in no time at all. Again, you will find different brands of clothing here from Disney and Garanimals. JC Penney and Kohl's are mid-range in pricing for infant clothes. To navigate these stores, simply head to the baby section and view their wide selections. All of these stores also offer clearance racks with additional clothing options.

If you are not interested in shopping at a large retail store, there are smaller stores that carry high quality boys newborn clothes, such as Carters, Osh Kosh B'Gosh, and The Children's Place. These stores can usually be found in a mall near you or at an outlet location. These stores specialize in the latest apparel for the upcoming season. You can shop here from newborn to bigger children sizes.

Tips and comments

Always accept boys newborn clothing hand me downs. because children outgrow clothing so fast at this age, there is no reason to spend a fortune of clothing options.