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5 Tips For Clothing To Wear When Riding Bikes


Cycling or bike riding is considered to be a great sport which lets you enjoy great pleasure, action and enjoyment all the while. Selection and wearing of bikes clothing is very important for enjoying optimum adventure and fun. The following 5 tips about what to wear when riding bikes will help you get geared up in the best way.

Step 1

Always wear comfortable bikes clothing. Lycra and Gore Tex are two materials which are mainly used for making top quality sports wears. Biking in shorts made up of lycra and Gore Tex gives you an amazing comfort feeling and enables you to have maximum muscle movement and freedom while cycling. Wearing bikes clothing of correct body measurements is also very important. By doing so you won’t have a clumsy feeling while you are at action.

Step 2

Getting dressed up for the weather in the right way is an important thing which should be done without fail. Materials like Lycra, Olefin, Polar fleece etc are exclusive sportswear materials that are built for ensuring your competency for dealing with any type of climatic conditions. Be it moderate or extreme climate, top notch bikes clothing will certainly be an advantageous factor for enjoying your favorite sport.

Step 3

As a matter of fact you can even do a year round cycling by layering effectively and this is what smart cyclists actually do. Since climatic changes can happen all of a sudden, it’s advisable to make swift and quick changes in your style of bikes clothing. For instance, having a windbreaker which is tucked into a pannier is a superb tip for tackling the cold climates. By increasing or reducing the layers you will be able to handle climatic variations and weather changes very effectively.

Step 4

Your extremities should always be handy and happens to be one thing which you should always keep in mind. This is because extremities are very essential when you are riding in severe weather. Your bikes clothing won’t be complete without having a pair of windproof gloves when you are riding in extreme cold climatic conditions. You will also be able to find lobster claw gloves which are very effective in covering your hand and handlebars to keep you warm in cold weather. Keeping your feet layered is also very important when it comes to bikes clothing in cold weather conditions. Always remember to wear shoes or boots that are quite large and very much sturdy. Strong boots are an essential part of your bikes clothing.

Step 5

Avoid wearing jewelries and ornaments like ear rings, chains and studs while you are biking in extreme cold weather conditions since they will only freeze your body parts. While selecting your bikes clothing materials, it is very important that you only purchase top quality ones. This will help you get geared up very confidently for enjoying your favorite sports.


It’s always better to buy branded bike clothing’s than to wear cheap ones since it can cause allergies or skin rashes by wearing such low quality dress materials.

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Enjoy the most by wearing the best bike clothing!

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/23/2012
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5 Tips For Clothing To Wear When Riding Bikes. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.