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Whenever you think of fashion, chances are, that the name of Perry Ellis clothing will pop into your head and with good reason. Creating some of the most influential fashion designs and apparel for the last three decades, Perry Ellis clothing is a force in the fashion world and something that provides you with the best in classy fashion wear.


Founded in 1980, Perry Ellis built its reputation with casual, elegant sportswear intended specifically for the well-off American male. The collection rapidly grew to include women's wear, and by the mid-eighties, the Perry Ellis brand was synonymous with sophisticated, preppy style. When Marc Jacobs took the reins of the women's division after Ellis's death in 1986, tightly knit polo shirts and cable-knit cashmere sweater dresses gave way to grunge. Jacobs notoriously sent combat boots and dirty-looking plaid down Perry Ellis's runway, to very mixed results. He was fired in 1992, and the brand resumed a more traditional course. Today, under the direction of John Crocco, Perry Ellis still aims to embody a classic, effortless look but faces a hefty lineup of competitors like Tommy Hilfiger, Le Tigre, Lacoste, and the formidable Ralph Lauren.


Perry Ellis clothing has some of the finest range of apparel and various accessories available on the market. Alongside coats, shirts, trousers, skirts, it also produces a large and successful line of fragrances. The clothing line is generally aimed at a classy stylish; with the aim to create a separate class. Its high priced, but then again most brands are. However, in the case of Perry Ellis the price might be justified since Perry Ellis sets the tone, along with some of the other high end brands, for the fashion to be. So buying Perry Ellis clothing is a worthwhile investment. Moreover, the brand prides itself on producing high quality apparel and as such you can expect something out of the ordinary if you choose to go for Perry Ellis. Especially worth mentioning is the Perry Ellis clothing for men range, in particular the new 2012 range that is coming out; aimed at a promoting a more chic look combined with their usual classy ideology, its sure to be a great hit. For women Perry Ellis has come out again with great trendy items, including skirts, coats and trousers. Perry Ellis clothing is sold in upscale department stores and branded stores, as well as online on their website.

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So if your choice of wardrobe includes trendy, classy and high end clothing, then Perry Ellis is exactly what you are looking for. You are sure to be at the edge of the fashion scene if you happen to delve into the world of Perry Ellis, with yearly runway shows and new designs being created, it is hard for anyone to ignore Perry Ellis’s impact on the clothing fashion world. You are bound to feel the luxury that high quality apparel from a fantastic clothing line can provide for you. Make sure that you do not miss out on something that is considered great by many.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/19/2012
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