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What To Wear With Yellow Clothing


Yellow is a happy colour – it is the colour of sunshine, daffodils, sunflowers! This cheery colour is great to wear in the summers, but yellow clothing is not very easy to pull off : wearing the right shade of yellow clothing and accessorizing well with it can be pretty challenging. Many women have figured this out, but this article is meant to be a guide to help you with choosing the right yellow clothing for you and also what should go with it.


First, when wearing yellow clothing, go with a shade that suits your skin tone. Don't pick a shade which is too close to the colour of your skin. Go with one that is more contrasting. When working with pale skin, yellow clothing that is broken by shades of grey or white is advisable, and black, sometimes. Gold is a relatively safe option when going with yellow clothing, as it gels well with almost any skin tone – so, if you simply cannot decide what type of yellow to choose, go with gold.

This is important – the easiest way to wear yellow clothing is to be all in yellow, that is, in a one-piece dress – summery, light dresses tend to look especially good in yellow. Of course, an evening dress in yellow can be stunning too.

But if you have a skirt going along with a yellow top, it should be white (make sure this a strong, striking white), or denim. Jeans with yellow tops should be denim (it goes beautifully with yellow), or you could try grey pants. Do not let anyone catch you wearing black pants with yellow – that is definitely not a good accompaniment for yellow clothing, and not the say to look your best in yellow!


A yellow skirt, on the other hand, goes well with a white top or shirt (once again, let this be a nice, bright white), depending on the style of the skirt and the occasion. Yellow pants are quite a risk, and really, you won't be advised to wear them.

Footwear with yellow clothes should be brown during the day, while silver suits yellow clothing well during in the night. You can, of course, pair black shoes with yellow clothes as well, as a bit of black with yellow look okay. White shoes with yellow clothing can also look nice.

Jewellery that goes with yellow clothing deserves a word or two. Rather than choosing gold or something that sparkles a lot, you should pick silver. This is because yellow is bold enough in itself to stand out, and you do not want the yellow clothing and the jewellery clashing with each other. Wearing white jewellery along with yellow clothing may make the jewelllery seem rather pale and shabby, so you would do better to stay away from it.

Tips and comments

Yellow scarves and ear-rings are reminiscent of summer too, and if you think you cannot quite pull of yellow clothing, you should opt for these instead to introduce a bit of cheer into your summer wardrobe.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/19/2012
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