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Types Of Protective Clothing


Millions of people the world over work in hazardous situations and environments, and the one thing that keeps them protected from all kinds of dangers is protective clothing. Over the past centuries, different kinds of protective suits made from various metals and materials have been protecting the face, hands, feet and other parts of men and women who dare to do extremely dangerous jobs that not all are willing to do. The protective suit is a preventive wear that protects various parts of the body. These suits are available in different versions, all offering protection to different levels of danger. There are protective clothing items that give protection from all kinds of toxic agents to protection from high temperatures and fire.


The suits that keep the body protected from fires and high temperatures are of high density and provide highest levels of protection. The fully encapsulating protective suits are one piece garments that give protection from vapors, gases and all kinds of splashes. These suits come either with attached boots and gloves or as separate additions.

The head and neck are exposed in the non-encapsulating suits, and they do not give protection against harmful vapors and gases. These suits are ideal for those working in not very hazardous work. Firefighter’s protective clothing gives protection against heat, gases, hot water, and vapor and protects the whole body. It comprises of a helmet, gloves, bunker pants, coats and protective boots.

The brave hearts who work with bombs and in dangerous areas where blasts occur wear bomb and fragmentation suits that gives them maximum protection from blasts. They give protection from flying shrapnel and all kinds of dangers that result because of a blast or explosion. Radiation protective clothing gives protection from radioactive particles like alpha and beta particles.


The proximity of protective suits, overalls, support function protective clothing, vapor protective suits and liquid splash protective suits are some of the kinds of protective suits that are designed to give protection against various hazards that a person faces in his line of duty. The vapor protective suits give total protection to the face, skin and respiratory system.

Only the best materials are used and the safety of the person wearing it is never compromised. The protective wear items are manufactured under strict guidelines and have to pass the rigorous standards before they are marketed. The protecting clothing that is required for a particular field of work depends on the dangers prevalent in the area of work. Various factors have to be taken into account when deciding on the materials and types of clothing one needs. Protective clothing has to be worn with a few protective equipment that include breathing apparatus, masks, chemical resistant gloves and boots, inbuilt cooling system and even a two way radio.

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The Internet is the best place to know about the different types of protective clothing. It is also the best place to know about the latest arrivals on the market. There are many online stores that have in stock the best from the leading manufactures. Every piece of protective clothing and equipment are listed with a clear picture and a detail description.

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