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How Rubber Clothing Is Made


Rubber clothing is made from latex rubber. The traditional clothes that are made from rubber include the protective clothing such as the gas masks and boots. Nowadays, clothes that cover the whole body are also made using rubber. When clothes made this way are worn, they tend to be skin-tight, thus producing a ‘second-skin’ effect. That simply means that the rubber clothes will stick on the skin and give the person who is wearing it a hard time removing it. To prevent such a thing from occurring, the clothes are chlorinated during manufacturing so that you may not need to apply powder on your skin or alternatively use lube for dressing to prevent it from getting stuck on the skin.


There are basically three stages that are involved in the making of rubber clothing. The first step involves selecting a pattern for a specific garment which will then be adjusted keenly so that it will be able to fit the measurements that the customer wants. In the second step, the sheet latex rubber is laid on a flat board and then cut out by hand. Lastly, latex glue which in most cases is usually the rubber clement solvent based adhesive is used in the joining of the seams of the rubber clothing together. Water-based glues may be used in the making of the rubber clothes, but they are not as effective as the rubber clement solvent-based adhesive. The long term durability of rubber clothing made using the water-based glues may be dubious.


There is latex molded clothing which is made by immersing a mold into a vat that has liquid rubber. It may be a bit tricky to deal with raw liquid latex, for you will have to make sure that you keep the thickness of the rubber itself consistent. In case of improper molding methods, there may end up being cases of inconsistent thickness in the latex which will then cause it to fail at its points of weakness faster than when sheet latex is used. But, the good thing is that a molded latex garment will just last for a long time as a sheet latex garment will if the molding process is done properly. Molded latex is even preferred when making rubber clothing that has heavy contours, such as hoods and gloves. Solid sheets of the sheet latex cannot be able to fit complex contours properly. Sheet latex is used extensively in the making of rubber clothing like catsuits, for they do not require to have a complete ideal fitting and thus sheets can be easily used to create them.

Tips and comments

Rubber clothing can be a little hard to put on for the latex has a high friction against the skin, especially if the skin is dry. To solve that problem, the people who wear the rubber clothes use talc to be able to decrease the friction against the skin as they put on the clothes. Other methods to reduce the friction on the skin include using a lubricant to provide a slippery surface and chlorinating the latex.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/21/2012
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