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How To Iron Fleece Clothing


The work of ironing can be very heavy if there are many family members and it can become a never-ending work if it is done by a single person. Moreover, there are several types of clothes which are considered to be quite difficult to iron. There are several elements that contribute towards a good ironed cloth which includes a good ironing board and the iron plate.

Step 1

The Plate
The plate must have a temperature controller to choose the appropriate temperature according to the fabric that is to be ironed. The bearing plates are ideal thermostat to know when it has reached the desired temperature. Check the weight of the iron it should be light. In case it is a steam machine, the weight is increased by filling in the water tank. You can choose cordless irons which are very handy when ironing.

Step 2

How to Iron Fleece clothing
There are several people, who are when asked to tell the process of iron fleece clothing, there will receive the answer that the process is simply not possible at all. There will be issues that the fibers will melt away by the heat generated by the iron. As long as adequate precautions are being taken, the process of iron fleece clothes will take off all the wrinkles from the cloth. The process of iron fleece clothing is as follows:

Step 3

Step # 1 – Dampen up the Fabric
One of the best ways to get iron fleece clothing is to get the cloth damped. The recommended way is to wash up the garment and give it a chance to dry up a little and the warm fibers will get loosened up in its place which will make it very easy for iron fleece clothes.

Step 4

Step # 2 – Set the Iron Temperature at Low heat
During iron fleece clothing, preheat the temperature of the iron to low heat settings especially when you are ironing fabrics such as rayon or polyesters. There are also several other plastic made materials. The reason of setting the temperature at low heat there are greater chances that the fleece clothing is safe from any type of harm.

Step 5

Step # 3 – Cover and then Iron
Make sure to cover up the garment with a cloth before ironing the fleece clothing. From this the fabric will be protected from the direct effect of direct heat that is releasing from the iron. This method is equally effective on fleece clothing as well as on fleece lined clothing. Another tip in this regard is to immediately hang up the garment as soon as the ironing process is completed.


There are also several prints or special adhesives of fleece clothing that do not support the plate at any temperature, the plate can go down the wrong side.

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Generally, when not respect the different compositions, tissues remain attached to the base plate, either by over-temperature or the fabric’s heat. To clean the iron in this case, use a creamy cleanser with a non-abrasive sponge. Rinse and dry. Ironing fleece clothing requires much care and delicacy in order to get the required results.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/22/2012
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