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How To Make a Tank Top Out Of Old Clothing

Published at 03/23/2012 21:41:31


It is sometimes tedious when it comes to making tank top out of old clothing. In fact this is usually the interests of many women but then some do not possess any knowledge at all concerning it and hence usually mess up the cloth. A clothing tank can always be used for this purpose and once it is used appropriately, the rest of the process can be done with ease. This is very important and as such should always be used all the time for proper designs. There are often many clothing tank an individual may use, the most important thing is identifying the right one.

Step 1

When dealing with this sort of process, the first thing is to locate the old clothing. Well one can decide to use his or her old cloth which is still noted to possess some little bit of attraction. When this is obtained, the next imperative thing to consider doing is obtain a good clothing tank. Well this sort of clothing tank may be achieved either by purchasing one or by simply borrowing from friends. Following these procedures in order to obtain one can hence be considered very important and as such should never be taken as some sort of joke in any way.

Step 2

The old cloth can then be put on a table and then the clothing tank placed on it. it is should be noted however that, the tank should be a perfect match because without that, certainly the ambition may not be achieved and this is yet a situation that needs to be well handled. When the clothing tank is well placed, it is then necessary to mark the exact outline of the tank. In fact this is very important because when the exact mark is not obtained, the work that is being done may not be admired by anybody and this is why it is good to always pay much attention towards this aspect.

Step 3

The marking of the clothing tank can be done by either using a chalk or any sort of marker that is not permanent. But then chalk is mostly preferred by majorities since it is very easy to wash off and besides it will not cause any stain on the cloth. All these are very necessary and important and hence needs to be elaborated perfectly for those wishing to undergo such a project.

Step 4

Obtaining the exact mark of the clothing tank should be the major priority of all those undertaking the project.

Step 5

At this juncture, the clothing tank can then be removed gently, after which a pair of scissors is used to cut gently across the marked area.


The cutting should be done very well because the edges should not be so rough since it can cause a whole lot of problems relating to it appearing ugly. The edges can then be sewed gently to obtain a clean edge.

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This can be tried out by any interested person and hence it is not usually surprising when majorities are able to do it without any problem, the most important thing is obtaining the right clothing tank.