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How To Design a Laundry Bag Out Of Old Clothing

Published at 03/21/2012 21:08:04


The internet is a treasure trove of information thanks to people who upload various articles about anything and everything that is of interest. So if you are wondering as to what to do with your old clothing that are lying at home; old clothing that are of no use because your children have out grown it, or it has become old and frayed then the online websites are the best place to get ideas. The old clothing you do not want to dispose because it has sentimental value can be recycled and reused in many ways.

Step 1

There are many online websites that give tips and suggestions about the different things one can do with old clothing. The most common things that can be done with old clothes are quilts, napkins, rugs, pillow covers, cushion covers, etc. Old clothes are also used to make bags for various uses. You can make grocery bags, laptop bags, ipod bags, cell phone bags, clothing bag etc.

Step 2

The online sites give clear and detailed description to make laundry bags from old clothing. Many websites tell you in detail about the kind of old clothing required and about other materials needed to make bags. Even a person who is not an expert in stitching can make a clothing bag with ease.

Step 3

Laundry bags are very useful to carry clothes to the laundry mat or put in all the clothes that have to be washed when travelling or for those who are going home for a weekend. Making one’s own clothing bag not only saves money but also gives the satisfaction of having recycled old clothing that is lying unused in the house.

Step 4

Stitching a laundry clothing bag is very easy if instructions are properly followed and you can make a laundry bag for each member of the family in different sizes. Old large sized pillow cases are ideal to make laundry bags. If you are not much of a seamstress then the pillow cases are ideal piece of old clothing to make laundry bags.

Step 5

Over sized beach towels that are no longer used are also perfect to make clothing bag. It can be used to carry clean clothes to the beach and keep the wet clothes when returning home. Clothes made of different materials can be used to make laundry clothing bag that serve the purpose perfectly.


Very often all that I needed is a sewing machine, a needle and a thread and of course a scissors and a drawstring or a zipper. A carrying strap makes it easy to carry the laundry bags. The strong strap of a comfortable length can be attached to the clothing bag to make it easy to carry.

You can choose fabrics and color depending on the person you are making the laundry bag for. Your daughter’s old dress or her towel or pillow cover can be used for her laundry bag. Long skirts, especially denim skirls are ideal for drawstring laundry bags. You can personalise it by stitching the initial or name or a favorite design.

Key in the right words in a search engine to get access to sites that tell you everything about designing and stitching homemade clothing bag.