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How To Keep Brown Clothing From Looking Boring

Published at 03/23/2012 21:33:13


Brown clothing is considered to be boring. People tend to stay away from the color brown. Somehow, brown seems to be uninteresting and dull. It does not have the confidence of black nor does it have the drama of red. Brown also lacks the exuberance of yellow and the lively, yet calm composure of blue. But brown clothing has one asset – it signifies intrigue and class. Brown clothing can be used to inspire jaw dropping reactions if it is used wisely and creatively. Below are some tips on how to keep brown clothing from looking boring:

Step 1

1) Shades: Use different shades of brown. Brown clothing does not have to have that muddy look that is so commonly associated with the color brown. Brown has many shades ranging from the camel color to the deep brown, almost black shade. Different shades lend character and depth to an outfit. They have an enriching effect on the clothing. They raise the curiosity level of the observer. Brown clothing is a sign that you are confident of your social status – you do not need to wear attention grabbing colors just to feel more important. Different shades of brown represent different values – light brown symbolises dignity while a rich, dark brown stands for intensity.

Step 2

2) Patterns: Brown clothing can be prevented from looking dull by accentuating it with interesting patterns. One of the best examples of this is the camouflage print. Camouflage features a lot of brown – but it does not look boring. On the contrary, it looks quite dynamic. Patterns add personality to brown clothing.

Step 3

3) Texture: It is quite interesting to note that brown is a much favoured color when it comes to accessories and furnishings. It is quite popular for purses, bags, shoes, wallets and even sofas. Thus it is evident that brown can be made to look stylish if it is incorporated with the right textures. Corduroy is an excellent material for brown clothing. One may experiment with patterns and shades to form the perfect combination and balance between texture, comfort and style. Brown also goes very well with leather and latex. A brown leather jacket or a cap makes the perfect recipe for a killer outfit. The color brown looks excellent when it is used in velvet. It lends a felling of opulence and class to the fabric. Brown also looks quite brilliant on denim – it makes one stand out from all the others who generally have denim clothes which feature only the different shades of blue.

Step 4

4) Mix and match: brown does not look all that great with other colors like pink, violet, magenta, scarlet and dark blue. However, it looks fantastic with earthy colors like different shades of green, black and beige. It also goes very well with yellow, white and even with lighter shades of blue.

Step 5

A popular combination is a medium brown – almost sand colored suit with a light blue shirt and matching sunglasses. The entire effect is quite scintillating without appearing to be overly flashy or flamboyant.


Brown is not just a color for the reserved and the understated. When brown clothing is styled with resourcefulness – it can look amazingly classy, extravagant and even ostentatious.