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Where You Can Donate Your Old Fat Clothing


Have your diet plans been successful and you have lost a lot of weight? If yes then you
would definitely be thinking about purging your old fat clothing. Donating such clothes is
the best thing you could do with them. If they are not any use to you then it is entirely in
your hands to make them
useful for someone who are
in need of clothes. Once you
start your search of where to
donate your old fat clothing,
you would come across
numerous organizations
where you would be able to
donate clothes.


Even before the concept of
shops came about, people
used to exchange goods and
donate their belongings to the
needy. With the inception of
paper money, such sales and
donations have evolved to a
certain degree. Some people put up garage sales to clear out old belongings. Others are
kind enough to donate the goods to the organizations that help the needy and the
orphans. If you do not find any such organization, which is highly unlikely, you could
always donate your old fat clothing to the nearest church or orphanage in your town.


You can easily find the offices of different NGOs that help the needy. It would be
great if you could donate your old fat clothing to a natural disaster relief effort camp.
Organizations such as “Generation for change and growth” and “The Salvation Army”
serve the people who are in need. They adopt them and take care of them. Hence they
need support from the general community in order to achieve their noble cause. When
donating clothes, you should definitely consider these organizations and help the people
who are in need. After losing weight, shop for new clothes for your smart body. Take
those old baggy clothes out of your closet, pack them and donate them to one of the many
institutes that support the deprived, such as, Goodwill, Veterans Association, Deseret
Industries, the nearest orphanage, church or any place in need of clothing. When you are
looking for what to purge and what not to, do not think or care too much for your old
clothes. Clear all your drawers and closet. You would not want to wear that fat clothing
again, especially after losing so much weight.

Tips and comments

Whether you keep your fat clothing or not is completely your choice. If they pile up and
begin to mess up the house, give them away to someone who needs them more then you
do, it’s a bonus to you and a great help to those who don’t have much to wear. If your
clothes are still in the right condition to be worn, donate them. Donating them to a noble
cause results in the less fortunate to be able to renew their wardrobes as well. You have
put in a lot of effort to lose that extra fat on your body, do a little more effort to find an
appropriate organization that will distribute your excessive clothing. Live a thin lifestyle
by donating all that fat clothing of yours that does not look good on you any more.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/22/2012
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Where You Can Donate Your Old Fat Clothing. 3 of 5 based on 11 votes.