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How Different Clothing Items Can Make a Difference

Published at 03/24/2012 15:24:27


We all need clothes to keep warm and protect out bodies from the elements. Clothing items are also used for fashion to express ourselves and our individuality. Everyone has clothes and wears clothes and may even have an extensive wardrobe but not everyone knows how to use clothing items and their wardrobe to its full potential. A clothing item may look good on a hanger and fit you properly but if you do not know how wear it to its maximum potential, you may not be looking as good as you could. Many different clothing items and accessories can make a huge difference in an outfit and make the difference between drab and fab. Jackets, vests, necklaces, bracelets, scarves, shoes and handbags are just a few of the items available that can drastically change an outfit. Below are some tips and ideas for ways that certain clothing items can make a difference in your outfit.


When it comes to clothing items that can drastically change your look, lets talk about scarves. Scarves come in every size, color, design, material and style imaginable and you find them just about anywhere. Scarves can also be worn in many different ways. Typically, they are worn around the neck but they can also be worn as a head wrap, or around the waist or like a shawl. A scarf can either contrast with the colors or your outfit for a unique and striking look or can match the colors of your outfit for a more subtle look. Clothing items such as handbags and shoes should typically match your each other but can contrast with your outfit. For example, its probably not a good idea to wear a subtle pair of shoes with a very flashy handbag and vice versa. While it is ok for the color of your shoes and handbag to contrast with your outfit, its usually best to ensure that the patterns are the same or very similar. Jackets are clothing items that are worn over the outfit and can be worn either for warmth in colder months or any time of year just to simply match the outfit and make it look better. There are many different types of jacket including long, short, cropped, fitted and loose ones. A contrasting jacket or matching jacket is fine depending on where you are going and what look you are trying to achieve but, typically, if your clothing items have a lot of different patterns and stripes or anything like that, it is best to stick with a solid color when it comes to the jacket.


Jewelry is a bit different as it is not actually considered a clothing items but it can certainly add to an outfit. The rules for jewelry are pretty simple. Do not mix gold and silver and do not over do it and wear too many items. The amount of jewelry and the type you wear will depend on where you are going and what you will be doing because you would not wear the same items to work that you would wear out to a night club.

Tips and comments

The above clothing items are just some of the items you can use to make a difference in your wardrobe. Having a couple of very versatile pieces that can be worn with many things makes a huge difference overall.