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20 Vital Pieces Of Clothing For College

Published at 03/23/2012 18:42:10


College is a huge part of a student's life and being well-dressed as important as anything else. First impressions last and so proper 20 clothing items should be kept in mind when dressing up for college. Clothing includes shirts, lowers, dresses, shoes, and accessories. How you dress reflects your personality. Casual, chic, sporty, simple and sleek, trendy, fashionable are all styles. College life is full of events and parties where pictures are taken and memories for life are made and it is vital that you dress up according to the season and occasion. After all, how you look does matter and it can be influential in addition to giving you an air of confidence when done smartly.


20 Vital Pieces Of Clothing For College

There are many outlets specially for college clothing and when you're tight on budget not only should you know where to shop at but also the vital 20 clothing items for college. A wide range of dresses and accessories are available for both guys and girls. It is advisable to stock up a perfect wardrobe in the beginning of the college year. Having all the essential articles of clothing can later on save you a lot of time and trouble and you can peacefully focus on your studies. You can go shopping or order clothes on-line.


They must have 20 clothing items are jeans, formal pants, dress shirts, t shirts, pullovers, and jackets for males. For girls, t shirts, jeans, formal pants and shirts, jacket, tops and skirts. Girls and guys both can accessorize with scarves, hats, bracelets, belts and bags.The first of the essential clothing items are undergarment. It is wise to buy undergarments that are comfy, and make sure you buy enough of them. Next there is jeans and leggings. If you're a girl who likes skinny jeans, make sure you get a pair. Leggings that cover up your legs are economical and very useful especially in winters or just to give a chic look with your skirts. Skirts and shorts are optional but are a must in colleges that are located in hot cities. Black cardigans and a few dresses go a long way especially for days when you want to look elegant and girly. When it comes to t-shirts, a lot of unique designs are available. Stock pile shirts because you'll be needing around a dozen at least. Floral, polka dots, retro, graphics, solid colors, witty statements are the most commonly available designs. You can always make any of your 20 clothing items stand out with jewellery. There's no end to personalizing your look according to taste if you're the creative kind.

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The most important accessories that can make this list of 20 clothing items complete are bags, watches, pendants, ties, caps and shoes. Bags should be sturdy and trendy as you'll have to use them all year long. They should have enough pocket spaces for books and stationary. Shoes should not only be comfortable but also of the sort that are easy to clean. Make a style statement with a heart pendant or a flawless tie. These vital 20 clothing items for college are all you need for an amazing start to a very good year ahead.