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Why Would Someone Only Buy American Clothing

Published at 03/23/2012 20:40:21


If you observe people the world over the majority of them love and wear American Clothing. This is
true for both fashion conscious people and those who aren’t really bothered about the latest fashion
trends. American Clothing is famous in almost all the countries of the world. Even in some of the most
unexpected countries of the world you are bound to find people following American fashion trends! A
classic example of this is the Middle East where American Clothing has become extremely popular. The
influence of the Western Culture is so great that people sometimes only purchase American clothes.


In the very past, there was less cultural heterogeneity. People stuck to their own traditional clothing and followed their culture trends quite rigidly. The formation of multi cultural societies all across the globe resulted in changing much of
this rigidity. People began to look favorably upon other cultures as intermingling took place. Another factor that has contributed greatly to the same is globalization and the growth of media. As a result of globalization and growth media, American clothing has been transported to almost every nation across the globe. 


There are a variety of reasons as to why someone would buy only American Clothing. Firstly, American
clothing trends are very popular among the younger generation. Most young people only like to buy
American clothes. Firstly, this is due to the celebrity culture that has been created. These Young people
like to imitate their popular sport and movie stars. The youth is seen sporting American Clothing that
is more comfortable. For example, the trend of “sweatshirts” is very popular among the youth. This lets
them be casual and relaxed. Secondly, the elite class is under the impression that American designer
wear is the most premium form of clothing. Popular American brands like Calvin Klein, Chanel have
established their image as being the brands of the elite class. Buying expensive American designer wear
is easier than going around in the local market looking for the highest quality clothing. People know
that the American Brands would be tailor made to conform to the highest standards. So they just have
to order them or buy them off from the rack. It’s as simple as that! American Clothing is sometimes
only purchased because of the sprawling underground market in many countries. These sell copies
of American designer clothes. These can be bought at a cheaper price than the local clothing that is
available. Affordability allows many of the people to only opt for American clothing. Another reason why
people across the globe prefer American clothing is because their clothes are manufactured using union
labor. This is a firm evidence of the fact that the workers manufacturing these clothes are being given
their due rights. This encourages many people to buy American clothes.

Tips and Comments

When you are purchasing American Clothing its best to check the label attached to the item. You might
get fooled by the shopkeepers. So it’s good to exercise caution. A great way to buy most of the American
brands is through the internet. The internet contains many websites that sell American clothing.