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Tips on Making Baby Girls Clothing


Who doesn’t like standing out from the crowd? Everybody does including mothers who would want their baby girls to stand out from the rest. When mothers go shopping for their baby girls clothing, almost all clothes in the shop look alike and no mother wants their baby girl to wear the same clothes as their neighbors’.

Step 1

The unique baby girls clothing available costs an arm and a leg and with these economic hardships, who wants to spend more than needed? Again, there are those mothers who are addicts of uniqueness and won’t settle for less if they have a choice. Making your own baby clothes is fun and a stress reliever, you save time and an extra coin while you are at it.

Step 2

So, when making baby girls clothing, be creative. Think of patterns and graphics that are really unique. You can also use sayings and logos too, let them be cool and as for the sayings, let them be easy for the baby to pronounce once they know how to talk. Stenciling and block printing are used in making unique designs on baby girls clothing. Make a stencil of the desired word or a pattern that you want to use. After you are done with cutting out the stencil, place it on the cloth and then apply paint making sure that the ink won’t mess the rest of the garment. When choosing the ink, make sure that it’s not harmful to your baby’s delicate skin and that it won’t run when washed.

Step 3

For block printing, what you need is a rubber brayer for rolling ink onto your design on the linoleum block, linoleum cutting handles and blades for making your designs, a linoleum block and printing ink. Draw or trace the image that you want to use on the linoleum block. Cut out the shape using the cutting blades.

Step 4

Apply the ink that you would like to use on the linoleum block and then place it on the fabric. And there you have a lovely print on your baby girls clothing. Place your already made clothe in a good place for it to dry. Press your baby girls clothing with a warm iron to make sure that it sticks to the fabric well.

Step 5

You can also use appliqué to make a unique design on your baby girls clothing. The act of appliquéing is where a cut out of another fabric is sewed or stuck (non-sewable) on another fabric to make a unique design.


The non-sewable one brings out another look than the intended one when it’s washed and the sides starts fraying. After identifying your appliqué, whether custom made or a bought one, prepare the baby girls clothing you want to use it on and if it’s the non sewable one, apply the bond on it and then iron the appliqué onto your baby girls clothing.

You can now sit back and admire your work and your baby girl can be proud of her mother someday. She might even consider learning a few tips from her artistic mother! 

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 03/29/2012
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Tips on Making Baby Girls Clothing. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.