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5 Tips For Fitting Clothing When Fat

Published at 03/29/2012 22:08:23


Just because you are fat doesn’t mean that you have to wear baggy and loose fitting clothes. You end up with a very ugly and shaggy look. Fat people can get some very good designer clothes but just because they are ill fitting because of being one size larger, they end up spoiling the intended look of clothing fat.

Step 1

Fat people can still be stylish by dressing right. One thing that they need is a good stylist to advise them on how to go about their shopping for clothes so that they don’t end up buying the wrong clothes for clothing fat. The best thing is to have confidence and high self esteem and the rest will fall into place as time goes by. Do not be obsessed with how you look, just be confident that you look great in whatever outfit and you surely will. The confidence you will acquire will make you more comfortable than a change of your wardrobe. There are five tips that will help with the desired look of fitting clothing when fat.

Step 2

 Do not combine colors; Make sure you wear one colored cloth and you will end up with a slimmer and a longer look. Wearing black also gives your body shape a defined look. By wearing black, you appear slimmer thus hiding the extra flab of fat that is visible to others and your clothing fat comes out nicely. Light colored clothes attract attention while dark colors like black do not. So, avoid light colored clothes as much as possible. If your upper part of the body is large than the lower one, dress in black on the upper part and dress in a light colored bottom and you end up with a proportional look. The opposite will have the same effect, thus driving home the point of clothing fat

Step 3

 Avoiding loose clothes as much as possible; loose clothing will not fool anybody into believing that you are not fat. You end up looking fatter than you really are.

Step 4

 Do not wear clothes with horizontal stripes as they end making you look unnecessarily bulky and by clothing fat you should avoid the horizontal stripes. Instead, strive to wear vertical stripped clothing. Vertical stripped clothing makes you look slimmer and give you that vertical look thus detracting attention from the bulging parts. To get that look, the stripes have to be on a well fitting cloth perfect for clothing fat.

Step 5

 Do not wear tight clothes. Tight clothes make your fat points visible which is what you are trying to hide. Wear well fitting clothes for clothing fat and in the end you will have that desired look.


 Get clothes that fit your roundest or rather your largest part of the body and then have it fixed on other parts so that it can suit. Even if your bottom does not fit well but fits on the hips, the better because you can always have it fixed on the waist to suit you flattering the clothing fat effect on your body.

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So, get away with shabby look and acquire a stylish one for clothing fat.