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How To Ask For a Discount When Purchasing Clothing

Published at 03/27/2012 08:38:32


Many people shop twice a year due to the season change. In that period, they spend a lot of money on clothes and after that they start complaining about prices and lack of money. Another proof of lack of information is when people know about clothing discount, but they think that only a legal entity can benefit from it. In either case, they lose the possibility of receiving a sale when purchasing clothing. In the following paragraphs, you will read some steps that will come in handy when you want to get a clothing discount. However, you must apply to certain conditions, hence you cannot benefit from it anytime you go shopping.

Step 1

Ask because you have nothing to lose. Whenever you need to buy a certain type of clothing, for example, winter or summer or baby garments, ask the store staff if they offer clothing discount. Do not be ashamed because it is a very simple and normal question and everybody wants to benefit from a sale. The reason why many times you need to ask is because stores usually do not advertise clothing discount, therefore nobody will know.

Step 2

Find out what kind of clothing discount they offer. Even if most stores give you the possibility to benefit from a sale, they also have some restrictions. Some offer clothing discounts for multiples, but others do not. Therefore, you need to ask the personnel what type of discounts they offer and what are the requirements, hence how can you benefit from it.

Step 3

Check the stores online. Many do not display the discounts in the store, but you can find that information on their official website. So, browse the internet and whenever you find a clothing discount do not hesitate to benefit from it. The reasons why it is available can be numerous. Apart from holiday offers and season sales, they may have a clearance. If that is the case, then that is also the time to shop. You will be able to purchase great quality at very low prices. Keep in mind that clearances are rare opportunities.

Step 4

Find the fault. If you do not mind buying clothes that may have some flaws, then you are one step closer to get a clothing discount. Of course, do not go for huge flaws, but if you find a shirt you like and it does not have a button, then you can ask for a discount without problems. Everybody knows that this is not a major problem, and you can sew it when you get home.

Step 5

Buy clothes out of season. Many people purchase winter clothing in summer and summer clothing in winter due to the fact that they will benefit from huge discounts. However, if you plan on losing weight or gaining weight, do not venture so far because you may pay for clothes that you will not wear. Shopping out of season it is a great opportunity because you will be able to benefit of sales up to 70 %.


One of the things that the majority of people do not know is that many stores offer clothing discount.