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5 Tips on Clothing To Wear As a Bank Teller


Bank clothing should include items such as shirts, ties, suits made out of cloth, skirts and shoes. If you work as a bank teller or you have an interview for that kind of job, you should dress properly. Whenever you go into a bank you find yourself in a very formal environment. The way people who work there look gives you a feeling of safety, and you realize that you are dealing with serious people. Therefore, bank clothing is not only important, but compulsory for a bank teller. The main problem is that everybody makes sure that their outfit is great when they go for an interview, but after they get hired they forget to dress accordingly. A bank teller has a very important position, but without bank clothing he will not manage to hold a certain level of esteem. Here are some tips for a person who has or wants to have a job in a bank.

Step 1

Check the latest news concerning the dress code. Even if everybody knows how dressy a bank teller looks like, bank clothing had suffered some changes. Nowadays, people that work in that environment wear business casual clothes. Surveys proved that customers feel more comfortable when they are talking with someone that does not look extremely formal. However, the dress code stands. Make sure you will not try to change the traits of bank clothing because you will fail.

Step 2

Consider the two-piece matched suit. This type of suit will not make you look like you are part of the upper class and it will maintain the right level of formality. Bank clothing consists of suits like the one mentioned above, thus a bank teller will look great in it. This kind of suit should be in your wardrobe, and do not forget to purchase more than one.

Step 3

Be careful when you choose the colours. The classic style will never be old-fashioned. If you really do not know what colours you should wear, choose the classic black and white combination that never fails. These two colours will always be part of bank clothing. Do not choose bold or bright colours. For example, studies showed that conservative colours are a great option for both women and men. Thus, make sure you look twice in the mirror before you leave to work.


Bank clothing should never attract attention. This is a tip that concerns women. Whenever you go to work, remember that you are a bank teller and you cannot dress inappropriate. Make sure your skirt is long enough and you wear stockings. Also button your shirt even if it is very hot. In that case you could wear a short sleeve shirt, but a cleavage is not tolerated. Bank clothing was not made for flirting, but for gaining respect, so be careful because you may give a wrong impression.

Try to hide flaws. If your shirt does not have a button or you spilled coffee on it, find the most convenient way to hide the default. You need to have an ironed and clean shirt, so forget about working as a bank teller if you like being scruffy. This is a job that among other skills, it requires dressing skills too.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/27/2012
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