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When To Wear Grey Clothing Besides Winter


Grey and black are the classic winter colors. There is something about the color grey that is classical. It is maybe because it is the perfect mix of the two classic colors of black and white. All shades of grey are acceptable in winter as far as fashionable trends go. Grey is something that is easy for people who are fashion shy whether it is worn with black or white or if it is mixed with a bolder color.

It is a good advantage when you know when to wear a certain color and when not to wear certain colors. All colors have positive as well as negative attributes. It is helpful to know how to choose good and bad occasions to wear grey clothing or similar tones of grey. Grey clothing will include light to medium dark tones ranging from a light slate shade to the darker charcoal colors. The pewter tones are also taken into account.


Historically, the meaning of colors in the Elizabethan and the Renaissance Ages gave information about the people wearing them. Men or women with purple clothes would be recognised instantly as members of royalty. The color, fabric and material of the clothes were dictated by the rank of people or their position in society. People who wore grey clothing were categorized as Sumptuary under the English Law.

The symbolic meaning of the color grey down the ages has been mourning and repentance. Cheap dyes were used to produce the grey color. The color also symbolized simplicity and humility. For this reason, grey has been associated with monastic life. Grey clothing has been stylized as being solid and timeless. It could be worn anytime of the year as a neutral color that invokes comfort and stability.


Grey clothing tones are neutral and balanced anytime of the year. When you wear grey clothing, it can help you to appear neutral and reflect a feeling of balance. Besides wearing grey clothing in winter, you can wear grey tones all the year round to a job interview as you can project the appearance of a balanced and fair mind. If you are a mediator, you can wear grey clothing as it can be very helpful to your cause of settling disputes by showing you as a neutral personality.

It is also good to wear grey as a lawyer when you are in non-confrontational situations. Grey can be the ideal color to wear when you are addressing a small group of people or individuals. Counsellors represent a balanced and mellow stature and will look good when they wear grey. Most people, psychologically, will find it easier to open up and talk to you when you are wearing grey clothing.


Tips and comments

Grey has its say in winter and in situations described above. But, grey tones have their negative attributes as well. They can make a person appear boring. The grey tones can project an image of being non-committal. You can avoid wearing grey clothing when you are working with children as kids respond better to brighter color tones.

Besides winter, grey is the primary neutral color during fall as well. Grey is the perfect color to wear to work. If you are a woman, your style will shine when you wear grey from head to toe. You can wear charcoal dress pants with a simple light grey sweater and some silver jewelry. For a casual look all the year round, grey jeans come in a variety of washes from charcoal to graphite.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/24/2012
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