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How To Attach Buttons To Clothing

Published at 03/25/2012 23:26:28


Clothing has become one of the best ways to add up to one’s beauty. In today’s world, clothing is considered to be directly affecting a person’s social status and style factor. So, one need to give more importance to the kind of dress that is to be purchased. While purchasing a dress, apart from the design of the cloth or the comfort level, the button style has to be given more focus. In recent times, the buttons that are attached to clothing are designed in such a way that they perfectly match the style of the dress. If a button does not match a dress it would look awkward and will not be preferred by many people. Having known this fact, the designers make sure that they prepare the right style of buttons and get it attached to clothing.

Step 1

During the ancient times, when the society got civilized, humans realized that they need to take some measures to cover their body. That is when they introduced clothes in order to serve the purpose. As days passed they started to add buttons to clothing that made it easier for them to wear or remove the dresses. But the inclusion of well-designed buttons to the clothes came into the market recently.

Step 2

Most brands that are involved in the design of quality dresses comes with some additional buttons attached to clothing, so that, it will be useful for the customers in case the buttons get detached from their clothes. But how could one add a button to his or her dress? There are some ways to do it.

Step 3

Manual stitching: Manual stitching is one of the most commonly used traditional way of adding buttons to clothing. This method does not require much expense and needs a little effort. The only instruments that are required for this method are a bundle of thread and a stitching needle. The process of stitching goes like this; the thread has to be inserted into the hole present at one end of the stitching needle. Then the thread has to be tied at the end so that it won’t come out of the needle while stitching. Then starts the process of adding the button to clothing. The button has to be held in its position on the cloth and then the needle has to be inserted into one of the holes of the button also piercing the dress. Doing this process repeatedly, would make sure that the button gets added to clothing.

Step 4

There are certain types of machine that will be handy and can be used to attach buttons to clothing. This method would need a little expense but needs much less effort than the manual method. The machine would make the job of people easier when it comes to adding buttons to the clothes.

Step 5

One needs to realise the importance of looking for matching buttons, while selecting a dress, since it would help a person to gain the respect of others.


Before buying a machine to attach the buttons to clothes, make sure you have a good amount of knowledge on the available brands and their quality in terms of durability and ease of use.