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How To Know What Clothing Attire Is Right For Any Occasion


Do you find yourself in the dilemma of looking for the right clothing attire to wear for an occasion? Have you spent so much money buying clothes and end up using them only on one occasion and you have to find another one for the next event? This can be very difficult and expensive especially you have so many events to attend to. To help you deal with this dilemma, here are some tips on how to know what clothing attire you can use for any occasion.

Step 1

In order for you to know what clothing attire to wear, you give your full attention to the invitation. The invitation bears the theme and time of the event. The theme will give you an idea about the dress code and the time will give you an idea of the design of your clothing attire.

Step 2

Dress codes are often identified as formal, semi-formal, business, business-casual and casual. Formal events usually required men to wear black slacks, long-sleeve shirt with coat with the same color as the pants, tie and formal shoes. For women, long dresses in solid colors paired with high-heeled shoes are the best clothing attire. For semi-formal events, does not require men to wear coat and tie. A simple long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirt paired with slacks and formal shoes can do wonders.

Step 3

While for women, a simple knee-high cocktail dress can do the trick. The only thing you have to remember in semi-formal events is not to wear clothing attire that will look too casual like denim or jersey type of clothes. If you are attending a business event, the attire you need to wear will base on the dress code of the company. If your company is following traditional business attire, then you have to wear formal attire. For the ladies, business attire includes a business coat covering a simple blouse paired with a shirt or slacks with the same color as the coat and a pair of high-heeled close shoes.

Step 4

For a business casual look, you can remove the coat and a pair your slacks with long sleeve polo shirt or any shirt that has a collar. For ladies, pairing your skirt or slacks with a formal blouse that match the season and the time of the event can be your option. For casual events, you can wear anything you have in your closet, your cotton shirt, polo shirts, T-shirts, skirts, jeans and denims. The casual clothing attire is the simplest of all the attires so you will not have any problems with that. Aside from all the type of clothing, the next thing you have to consider is the season.

Step 5

Wear clothing attire with a cut and color that match with the season. For example for summer, wear something with light clothing and light color. In the winter, wear something heavy that will protect you from the cold weather. And lastly, take note of the time of the event. If the event is in the morning, wear something with light color and without too much glitter. Reserve all the glittery dress for a night-time event. With these guidelines, you now have some ideas you can now rest and stop worrying about what to wear on the next occasion you will be attending.


The best tip for choosing the right clothing attire is to keep it simple. Look for clothing attire that matches your personality. There are also some clothes that you can wear for all occasions. It is just a matter of learning how to mix and match your dress, blouses, and shirts. Remember, you are wearing your clothing attire to impress and have a good impression. But do not let your clothing attire reflect a person who is not you. It is still best to look good at the same time be comfortable. It is not the dress you are wearing that makes you look good, it is how you wear your dress that shows your personality.

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