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5 Tips For What Clothing To Wear For Hiking in the Winter


Winter is the coldest season. Though some would prefer staying at home and keeping warm in front of their fireplace, some would like to go out and explore different places by hiking. Most individuals who love adventure do not mind the weather. Weather makes their adventure more exciting. But this exciting adventure such as hiking in the winter, can turn into a disaster if you encounter diseases or get ill. In order to prevent this, here is some clothing hiking attires you can try to keep you safe during your adventure.

Step 1

Having an adventure during the winter season is a very nice experience. One thing you can do during the winter season is hiking. Your family and your friends can visit places that are known for their hiking treks and explore their environment. Once you have selected the area where you wanted to have your adventure, the next thing to do is prepare clothing hiking attire. Normally, clothing hiking attire is made of light materials that will make it easier for an individual to move around. But this is not applicable during the winter season. With the low temperature, people who would like to spend their time outside their homes must be protected from the cold weather. Your clothing hiking attire should be composed of different layers.

Step 2

Each layer should be thicker than the previous one. Once you get out of the house check if these layers of clothing are enough to protect you from the cold weather. While walking your body temperature may increase causing you to feel warmer. In this case, you can remove some of the layers of your clothing hiking attire to feel a little cooler. The next thing you need to consider is wearing gloves or mittens. These will protect your hands from the frost bites. Mittens are the best option since it is warmer that a glove. Next, is to prepare hat, ear muffs or a hat that extends up to the ears. This will protect your head and ears. 

Step 3

Your ears can easily turn cold and it will affect your hearing. This will also keep the air pressure normal to keep your balance while hiking. You can also add a scarf to protect your neck and to avoid catching colds. Lastly, wear snow boots that perfectly fit your feet. Socks used should be thick enough and made from synthetic materials and wool. All these things are part of the essential clothing hiking accessories. These accessories give more warmth in areas like your hands, ears and feet. These areas are the most common places where a person experience frost bites. Using all these clothes will help you avoid catching cold and fever during your hiking adventure.


Using this clothing hiking attire will make your adventure more enjoyable. At the end of the day, you experienced a wonderful hike, had some exercise, and at the same time kept your health normal. These clothing hiking attires are your protection while making the most out of your simple hiking adventure during the winter season. Follow these simple tips and you will stay healthy by the end of the season.

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By stephanie ann zambrano, published at 04/01/2012
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5 Tips For What Clothing To Wear For Hiking in the Winter. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.