The Best Clothing Material For Making Hoodies
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The Best Clothing Material For Making Hoodies

Published at 03/24/2012 21:18:11


The Best Clothing Material For Making Hoodies

A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood and a common fashion item amongst teens and young adults. It can be layered up in winters and down in summers. They are most common in America where most youngsters wear sweatshirts and hoodies to support their high schools or universities. Hoodies clothing has also been a major part of the hip hop culture. Hoodies are a common article of clothing these days for both men and women. They come with patterns of college and high school logos but also now they are available in colorful patterns and different varieties like zip ups and non zip ups. Hoodies clothing is a popular teenage fashion statement.


The early history of hoodies clothing can be traced to medieval Europe where monks wore robes with a festive hood called a cowl. The first sweatshirt with a hood was produced in America in 1930. It was made originally for laborers who worked in very cold conditions. However the 1970s were the time when hoodies came to the mainstream after the rise of the hip hop culture. During the era high fashion designers like Norma Kamali also glamorized the clothing. The popularity as it was commonly sported by surfers and skateboarders.


Fabrics that are used for making hoodies clothing are normally fabrics like cotton for the inner lining most companies use fleece because it is warm and good to wear in cooler climates. Some also made from jersey knit cotton which gives the fabric and the clothing made from it more elasticity. The most commonly used fabric is cotton because of its high wear and tear qualities. Some hoodies are made from fabric which is cotton plus spandex or polyester. The best fabric that can be used to make a hoodie will obviously depend on what suits you best. If you have an allergy to stuff like polyester or spandex then obviously a 100% cotton hoodie will suit you. However commonly hoodies do have a slight percentage of some other fabric mixed in them. Patterned fabric looks cute for women’s hoods because they add a touch of versatility to the outfit.

Tips and comments

While choosing fabric for your hoodies clothing make sure that you choose something that suits your climate. Most hoodies do have a fleece lining but if you live in a place which is really hot the fleece will just make you hotter so go for a 100% cotton hoodie instead while using a lighter fabric for lining. Fabric for making hoodies clothing can be bought from places like Wal-Mart. Make sure that the fabric you buy is sized or pre shrunk. And just to be on the safe side wash and normal dry the fabric before you cut it and sew it. Fleece and cotton are the best materials generally for making hoodies. If you want to make a hoodie for while you work out make sure you get a fabric that provides plenty of ventilation and absorbs sweat while keeping the body warm. Hoodies can be worn in any season because they look stylish.