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Clothing Care Tips For Hoodies

Published at 03/26/2012 16:13:45


Hoodies clothing is one of the most popular lines of clothing on the market today. Not only do teens wear them, but adults and children do as well. Hoodies don't only keep you warm in the Winter, but they are also a fashion statement that can truly bring out your wardrobe. The problem that many people have is knowing how to care for them. Though they are sturdy and rugged, caring for them can prevent the common problems of piling and fading that often occur when you wash your hoodie. Hoodies clothing can look like brand new for years if you will follow this advice.

Step 1

The first step to keeping your hoodies clothing like new is to make sure that you take care of stains as soon as they occur. Most people will eventually spill something on their hoodie. They forget about the stain and just throw it in the washer, expecting that it will come out in the wash. The problem with this, is that often the stain gets set in because it doesn't come out in the wash and then is dried. This can cause the hoodies clothing to be destroyed because a stained hoodie isn't fashionable!

Step 2

When washing your hoodies clothing, you should take special precautions. The best way to wash your hoodie clothing is to turn your hoodie inside out before you wash it. This will prevent piling on the hoodie and keep it looking as new as possible. Washing your hoodies clothing inside out keeps it from taking as much abuse as it normally would in the washer. This keeps your hoodie looking fresh and new like the day that you bought it. This is one of the best and easiest ways to prevent issues while washing your prized hoodie.

Step 3

Hoodies clothing should also be washed in the right temperature and with the right detergent. If you are going to wash your hoodie, you should use a gentle detergent like Woolite, this can help your hoodie be washed gently without causing issues with the fabric. It is also important that you wash your hoodie in cold weather. A cold water wash will keep your hoodie from shrinking and will keep your hoodie looking its best. This is truly the best way to wash your hoodie to prevent damage.

Step 4

You should never dry your hoodies clothing after washing it. Putting it in the dryer can cause it to pile and shrink. A shrunk hoodie will not fit well and will not look as well. Drying your hoodie can also cause your colors to fade. This will not make your hoodie look right. The best way to dry your hoodie is to lay it flat like you would a sweater. Make sure that you turn your hoodie as the top side dries to allow for even drying. This will keep your hoodies clothing looking its best for years to come.

Step 5

It is also very important when you are caring for your hoodies clothing to wash it by itself. So many people just throw their hoodie in with the rest of the wash and don't' care for it properly. If it is in the wash with other items, it can become faded, piled, and stretched. This makes the hoodie look old before its time and makes it less than a fashion statement. This can have you throwing your hoodie away instead of being able to enjoy wearing it.


Wash in cold water.

Do not dry your hoodie clothing.

Use a gentle detergent.

Remove stains before washing.

Wash inside out and on a gentle wash for the best results.

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