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Where To Find Xl Clothing That Flatters


Most women today are not a size two. We all wish we were, but some of us are just not made to be small and petite. XL clothing is one of the most abundantly worn sizes in America, yet we often look bigger and outdated because the choices are often not very flattering for women. XL clothing choices are changing in many ways. Manufacturers are realizing that larger women want to look hip and modern too. We don't want to be dated by wearing our grandma's moo-moos and flowery, blundering outfits! The world of Plus Size women's clothing is truly changing for the better, it is important to know where to shop and what to look for so that you make the best choices for your body shape and your figure. Clothing should look attractive and embrace your body and curves instead of trying to hide them.

Choosing the Right Look

It is important that your XL clothing fit you well and not be too large or too small.As the little bear said, "This is just right". You want to make sure that you are wearing your correct size. Many women who are larger, try to wear larger than necessary clothing to try and hide their bulk. This does the exact opposite because it causes you to look bulkier and larger. It hides any curves that you could accentuate and makes you look dumpy. It is important that you target your best areas and accent those, while carefully concealing problem areas with tricks of the eye and fabric choices. Don't try to hide your body in a loose-fitting outfit that makes you look like you are drowning in fabric. This will only make you look even fatter. Choosing the right size and fabric, can truly make a huge difference in the way your clothing looks and feels.

Where to Shop

Finding flattering and hip looking XL clothing does not have to give you a headache. There are many stores that now offer Plus Size clothing lines, but some of the best stores are catered to Plus Size women. These stores carry sizes 16 and up and can truly offer today's styles in larger sizes. One of those stores is Lane Bryant. They are often featured in most malls, and you can purchase through catalog and by their website.

Another great store for XL women's clothing that is fashionable is Catherines. Catherines offers beautiful clothing with today's hottest styles. They carry a full range of clothing options for the larger woman and have stores all over the country. You can also purchase from their website.

Roamans has a great XL clothing catalog that you can order for free. They offer styles just like Lane Bryant and they clothes are stylish and affordable. This is a great way to shop for clothing without dealing with crowds.

Tips and comments

Have fun shopping for the latest styles.

Choose colors and patterns that flatter your body.

Don't try to hide your curves, embrace them!

Shop at the above retailers to find great clothes for your body!


By David Scott, published at 03/26/2012
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