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5 Tips For Buying Work Appropriate Clothing

Published at 03/26/2012 21:57:47


Work clothing should express your style while being conservative and fitting in with office attire protocol. You can still look stylish and be appropriate without too much hassle. Work clothing should be offensive to your coworkers and it should make you look professional and able to handle the tasks of your job. If you look unprofessional, others are going to view you as being unprofessional. It is important that you look your best so that you can feel your best and have better work performance.

Step 1

The first step to choosing work clothing is to check with your office or place of work for the rules. Each business has their own rules for what is acceptable in clothing. If you are not following your workplace's rules, you can poor evaluations and even the extreme of being fired. Many a person has been sent home because their work clothing was just not appropriate. You must fully understand what your company expects in your work wear so that you do not make poor choices when choosing your work attire.

Step 2

You must make sure that your work clothing fits you well. You want to avoid wardrobe malfunctions that can leave you embarrassed. It is important that you are fully covered and that as you move throughout the day, that you don't have issues. Make sure that your cleavage does not show and that your skirt or dress length is appropriate. You don't want to find you have issues when sitting in front of your boss at a meeting. This can be so embarrassing!

Step 3

You don't want to choose loud colors or prints for the office. Work clothes should be understated and appeal to the office environment. This is not the time to wear zebra prints and neon colors. The basic colors should help you to look more presentable and more professional. A basic black suit can be paired with other accent colors. You don't have to just stick with the boring blue and black, but you must make sure that your outfit screams professional and not something else.

Step 4

You work clothing should not only look professional, but also be functional. You must keep in mind what type of work you are doing before you choose your work clothing. You don't want to wear a dress and heels if you are working in manufacturing where you will be lifting. Likewise, you don't want to wear jeans and T-shirts in an office setting. Keep your work clothing simple and appropriate to the type of work that you are doing. This is one of the most important parts of work clothing attire. Your comfort is just as important as how you look.

Step 5

Making sure that you make the right work clothing choices can keep you from being embarrassed and having issues at work. We all have witnessed the poorly dressed office worker who gets attention from all the men, while the women in the office secretly despise her. Trying to impress your male boss with inappropriate attire, can truly backfire on you in more ways than one. If you want to keep your job and gain the respect of others, it is important to dress with class and decency. Keep in mind that others have to view what you wear and you are representing your company.


Know your workplace attire rules.

Choose colors and patterns carefully.

Make sure that you are covered in the right areas.

Keep comfort in mind.