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How To Prevent Your Bra From Being Seen Through Your Clothing

Published at 03/27/2012 23:23:52


Wearing a clothing bra is an essential wardrobe choice for women who want to look their best and be modest in their attire. With so many bra clothing choices, there is now no need for your bra to be obvious in your outfit. Nothing is worse than having your bra showing through your clothing or your bra straps hanging out. This can leave you constantly trying to adjust yourself to be sure that your bra is not showing. There is no need to suffer with your bra showing through any outfit that you wear if you will follow these simple style tips to keep yourself covered and looking great.

Step 1

The first step for bra clothing is to choose the correct color. So many women try to wear dark colored bras under light colored shirts and vice versa. This leads to obvious bra issues that leave your bra shining through the fabric of your outfit. This is a serious fashion faux pas that can be avoided with some simple precautions. If you are wearing a black or dark colored outfit, you should choose a black or dark colored bra. Your color choices are limitless in today's bras selection and this helps you to match your bra colors to your outfits to prevent embarrassment.

Step 2

Many women choose the wrong type of bra clothing for their outfits. You should not wear a traditional bra with a strapless or halter outfit. Your bra straps will show and this doesn't give a good impression. The best way to handle this issue is to wear the appropriate bra clothing. If you are wearing a strapless outfit, then your bra should be strapless. You should make sure that your straps stay hidden under your outfit and that they are not exposed. If your outfit is very revealing, you can opt for bra cup covers that attach to your breast and keep you covered. This is a discreet way to look modest under the most revealing of outfits.

Step 3

It is also a big mistake to have an ill-fitting bra. A bra that fits poorly will cause bulges and seams that you don't' want to see in your outfit. A bra that is too tight will cause fat bulges on the most thin of women. It is important that your bra fit comfortably both in the band and in the cup. This will prevent your breasts from spilling out or wrinkled cups from the bra size being too small. This is one of the most important parts of finding the right bra for you and for your wardrobe.

Step 4

Checking your outfit in different lighting is a great way to be sure that your bra is not showing through. You should check in natural light as well as florescent. This can keep you from having a blaring bra issue. This way, you can be sure that the material of your outfit covers you even in the brightest light like the sun. This will keep you from embarrassing wardrobe issues by protecting your bra from shining through the fabric of your outfit. This is the best way to check for bra issues before you step out in public.

Step 5

Choosing a bra is a personal choice that women make, that can affect their wardrobe look. It is important that bra clothing look natural and not stand out. You don't want to see your bra under your clothing. The best way to prevent this, is to make sure that you are making the best choices in undergarment attire. Choose wisely, and you will look polished and beautiful. Choose poorly, and you will be uncovered and humiliated. Make a wise choice to be sure that you look your best in any outfit.


Choose the correct style of bra to match your outfit.

Choose color carefully.

Make sure that you check your outfit in all lights.

Make sure that your bra clothing fits well.