Tips For Accessorizing Men's Sport Clothing
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Tips For Accessorizing Men's Sport Clothing

Published at 04/02/2012 01:58:52


Tips For Accessorizing Men's Sport Clothing

One of the easiest looks to make look awful or awesome is men's sport clothing. Any self-respecting man has a few treasured items of sport clothing in his wardrobe, especially if he has an active lifestyle. Yet accessorizing to overall an look is a landmine of hits or misses. Clearly, wearing patent leather shoes with a warm-up suit is going to get a major thumbs-down sign for the fashion savvy crowd. But what makes a good accessorization package when you wear men's sports clothing?  Professional athletes and those who have studied smart styling techniques offer a range of answers, so you may have to plow through options that fit your personality before making the final decision. What works for one man may not apply to you. Instead of slavishly following trends, consider retro looks, high-tech style and designs that focus completely on comfort.

Step 1

Draw attention to your most important asset -- your face and its many expressions. Even if you are wearing sweaty gym clothes, the men's sport clothing of real life, you can boost your style IQ with a great pair of sunglasses. If you've only ever worn shades for practical purposes -- to protect your eyes from sun glare -- take the time to try on many pairs before you purchase sunglasses to enhance your men's sport clothing look. You do not have to restrict yourself to one pair. Start out by selecting a pair that give you a European chic look, a pair that has the rugged outdoorsy look and a pair that reflects an intellectual style.  After you have experimented with these styles, which you should purchase at a discounted, inexpensive price, you will find yourself naturally gravitating to the style that best suits your face and physique. Pay attention to the comments you receive and to how you feel when you are wearing each type of sunglasses.

Step 2

Jazz up your style with a scarf. Regardless of which line of men's sport clothing you favor, the overall look can become your very own personalized fashion statement with the addition of a fashion-forward scarf. Worn casually around the neck, this accessory draws visual attention to your most charming feature -- your face and eyes. Start with a long, narrow scarf made of plain fabric. Wrap it loosely, once or twice around your neck. When you are comfortable with the feel, start adding color and texture to the look when you obtain an additional scarf or two. Some men find they can carry off the preppy, plaid look and make that their fashion statment. Other guys prefer to accessorize their men's sport clothing with a unconstructed European-style of scarf that they can manipulate for multiple looks. Another approach is the snowboarding and skiing apparel look. For this style, multi-color knit scarfs provide a down-home fashion statement that signals openness and strength.

Step 3

Decide how you are going to handle you money in a way that is compatible with men's sport clothing. You may choose to go with a simple wallet or money clip. This works if you ensure that your clothing has a pocket, either in the trousers or in a sweatshirt or cardigan. If you tend to wear men's sport clothing only when you work out, you may want to accessorize with a duffel bag or messenger bag. Either option is a secure receptacle for your money, especially if you place it in a wallet first. For workouts like running, bicycling, skiing and snowboarding, a lightweight money belt can hold your currency, your cell phone, keys and other necessities. As with all accessories, you may have to try several styles before you find one that looks terrific and feels comfortable.


If you have a bold fashion sense, accessorize your men's sports clothing with bright, vivid colors. If you have not yet built that level of confidence, purchase complementary colors that enhance your style.

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