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How To Match Clothing With Shoe


Humans wear clothing shoe for one main reason and that is to protect us from the cold and from injury. These days, clothing is more for fashion than anything else. We wear it to distinguish our personal identity, show off our uniqueness, make a statement, to impress certain people and to stand out among the crowd. Shoes serve pretty much the same purpose and in order to look good, we need to match out clothing properly with out shoes. Below are some tips on how to match clothing shoe together.

Step 1

When trying match clothing shoe together, it is not necessary that the shoe clothing together have to be the same color or same material. The shoes can be a shade lighter or darker for outfits that are being worn to special occasions such as a wedding or job interview and the material can be anything that is not to flashy.

Step 2

If you are seeking a unique look, shoes can be any color you want depending on the look you are looking for. They can be the complete opposite of what you are wearing or they can contrast with what you are wearing. Again, the material and style does not matter except sandals should only be worn in summer and boots and anything with fur should be saved for the winter.

Step 3

A true and tested rule of dressing has always been that you should match clothing shoes together or match shoes with accessories such as your handbag. It does look better if the handbag and shoes are the same color even if they are a few shades different.

Step 4

When shopping, only buy things that match what you already have and keep clothing shoe matching in mind when seeking new items to add to your wardrobe.

Step 5

The shape and style of your shoe matters in some cases when matching clothing shoe together. High heels are best for a polished look you may want when attending events such as job interviews, cocktail party’s or meetings. Sneakers are always casual. Boots are best in winter but there are fashion boots that can be worn for certain occasions in summer. Flip flops and certain types of sandals are only made for the beach or for around the swimming pool. All other shoes that did not fit into any of these categories can pretty much be considered neutral and can be probably worn anywhere.


Matching clothing shoe together is not hard. The above examples and tips are just a few of the things you can do to match them together. Use your imagination and observe what other people are wearing and what is in style from television and in magazines to get ideas of other things you can do.


Sources and Citations

Of course, you can seek the opinions of family and friends too and always bring someone shopping with you to get a second opinion. Well-trained retail clerks can also help you match clothing shoe together and of course, the internet has endless amounts of information on fashion, where to get it, how to get it and how to wear it. Investing in a full-length mirror is always a good idea too so that you can always check for yourself what every outfit looks like on you before you go out the door.

By A McEachern, published at 03/30/2012
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