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Options For Winter Clothing Accessories


Are you looking for the perfect winter clothing accessories to go with your winter clothes? With winters just around the corner, isn’t it time for you to take out those beautiful scarves, mufflers, long boots, hats and all those lovely winter clothing accessories that you had so ruthlessly put away in boxes? Or are you bored of your usual winter clothing accessories and are now looking for something new yet trendy that will make everyone envy you? It does not matter if you are going to a dinner party, hanging out with friends, going to your office or to your university, you can always wear that bit of accessory that will make you look extremely stylish yet keep you warm in the harsh weather. This article will answer all your winter clothing related questions and much more.


The winter 2011/2012 collection is very unique this time. We live in an age where men want to act more like women and women act more like men and that is where our fashion industry cannot stay back. The winter 2011/2012 for women contains suits that had a bit of manly touch in it. And this is not just limited to the suits accessories like hats and boots are manly as well. The collection is based around bright colors, such as bright yellows, greens, purples, neon and oranges. And this is not just limited to clothes. You could see a lot of girls wearing painting their nails in yellow and green nail polish. The 40s fashion has come around once again. Lots of designers like Gucci, Christian Dior, Jonathan Saunders and Miu Miu have tried their hands on it and many of them have also succeeded to a great extent. The collection of prints is wide and you can choose from a great amount of prints from Polka dots, floral, photographic flowers, feathers, panthers etc. Pleats and frills are extremely in as well and you can see a lot of designers accommodating them on their dresses. They all give a very unique and chic look to your dress and they are definitely worth trying.


The winter clothing accessories you can wear in these winters are first of all the boots. Long boots are extremely in and if you have long lean legs, they will really compliment your figure. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing them under a dress or under a pair of jeans and t-shirt, they will look very trendy. If you have a short height you can wear short boots as shown in the picture as the longer ones won’t suit. As for the hats, beanies are another item which is very hot in these winters. They look great when worn over a colorful muffler, shirt, jeans and a pair of boots. Apart from that if you are not a big fan of hats you can always tie your hair in a pony tail or wear a cute head band as it is another winter clothing accessory that looks great with your winter outfit.

Tips and comments

There are a number of winter clothing accessories from which you can choose from however, keep in mind to only try that fashion that you think will suit you. If you are a little chubby wearing a short T-shirt will not compliment your figure. Or if you have a short height wearing long boots will just make your legs look shorter and wider.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/27/2012
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