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How To Start a Clothing Line

Published at 03/27/2012 19:45:32


It is extremely complicated to start a clothing line, even if you have the imagination and the skills to design some good clothes. Usually, this business is started by people that are already working for a fashion house, people that think they have the capacity to keep up with the high demands of this industry.

Step 1

We all read some successful stories about people that started a clothing line, and now they are enjoying the fame and money. However, those are only the exceptions. In reality, only a few of those businesses survive, and this is why you should be really careful if you want to follow this path also.

Step 2

However, there is a huge advantage if you have a clothing line. The truth is that in this business, there are no rules, you can start your business in any way you want, you can destroy ideas and you can impose new trends in this industry.

Step 3

The most important aspect is to have a simple wish to be yourself. You will need to have the power to overcome any major and minor obstacles, and to find the necessary meanings to promote a clothing line. In this business, it is mandatory to have imagination and talent with designing clothes, but this is only the first step. In fashion, you will need that “something” that makes you unique.

Step 4

Besides this, you will need determination, and you will also have to see the failures as lessons. However, luck also plays its important role, and if you have nothing to lose, you will probably be able to accomplish your goal.

Step 5

If you want to have a clothing line, you will need a basic concept that needs to be reinvented every year. Fashion is a state of mind, and if you can design something new every day, you will be able to give some interesting things to people around you.


A clothing line has to be made by instinct. Otherwise, this method does not work. Marketing is important, but without a concept, you won’t succeed. If you are wondering how much money is needed to start a clothing line, the answer is not that simple. you can start with a needle, a dress and some textile materials. Now, you will need to know how to cut it. Galliani prefers retro-vintage styles, while Givenchy is known for his futuristic ideas.

Sources and Citations

If you have something original in your head, it is better to put your idea into practice. However, without some inspirational ideas taken from international designers, you will probably not be able to make it. Of course, you will also have to promote your ideas, but for the start, a simple site that will cost you about 100 dollars is more than enough to test the market with a clothing line. If you are able to increase the number of visitors constantly and you see that people are interested about your creation, it is time to contact a marketing agency, and to present your idea to them, and here you are, on your way to success with your own clothing line.