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How To Find Clothing With Short Lengths


Short clothing is often worn in the Spring, Summer or during warm weather. If your short clothing wardrobe is limited, you may nee to go shopping. You can find a variety of short clothing items in department stores, online, local boutiques or from second-hand stores and yard sales. It is important to try on the clothing before buying it and compare prices at several different stores to make sure you are getting a good price.






Step 1

Department Stores

Department stores carry a large variety of short clothing. They usually offer short clothing during the spring or summer season. Some of the types of short clothing that department stores sell include shorts, skits, capris and dresses. Department stores usually offer fitting rooms so you can try to on the clothes to make sure they fit, are the right length and look well before purchasing them. You can find short clothing on sale at department stores during the off-season and save money on them by purchasing them during this time.

Step 2


Boutiques specialize in selling certain style or types of clothing. Some boutiques only sell women's clothing, others only sell children's items. Determine the type of clothing you are looking for and find a boutique in your area that sells that type of clothing. Try on the clothing at the boutique and ask about the types of short clothing they have available. Many boutiques take orders on a weekly basis and will be happy to order a special size or style of short clothing if you need it.

Step 3

Online Stores

Online stores offer large varieties of short clothing and competitive prices. You can search for certain type of clothing or visit the websites of your favorite stores to shop for short clothing. If you are unable to find the short clothing styles, sizes or prices you want, go on to the next store and browse their selection. Check sizing charts before ordering online as some brands and clothing style may fit differently than what you are used to. Check the cost of shipping and return policies to make sure you are comfortable purchasing items online.

Step 4

Second-hand Stores

If you want to find the best prices, consider shopping at second-hand stores such as the Goodwill or Salvation Army for short clothing. Second-hand stores receive clothing donations and then sell them for discounted prices. Most clothing is damage-free, gently-used and affordable. You may need to sort through the racks of clothing, as many second-hand stores do not sort their items by size. When you purchase from second-hand stores, the money you pay for your short clothing will go to help the less fortunate in your community.

Step 5

Yard Sales

Yard sales are another way to find cheap, second-hand short clothing at cheap prices. Yard sales usually take place on the weekend during warm weather. You can find yard sales advertised in your local newspaper or on community bulletin boards. You can also drive around during the early morning hours of the weekend and look for yard sale.


Choose basic short clothing items that can last for more than one season.

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