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The Best Clothing Styles For a Baker

Published at 03/26/2012 20:50:00


A baker is someone who bakes bread, cakes, pastries and the like and sells them in a bakery. We have all seen the bakers and chef wearing the distinctive attire - the symbolic toque, trousers, a white double breasted jacket and an apron. The uniform is worn to maintain food hygiene and to ensure protection of the individuals from burns and spillages. Even before you start your training, you need to get some baker clothing. Wearing baker clothing will not only make you look professional, but will also guarantee your health and food safety.


The Best Clothing Styles For a Baker

The history of baking goes back to the Egyptians of 8000 BC who are the first ones known to bake bread. During the middle ages, baking gained popularity. Every landlord usually owned a bakery and a public oven. The housewives brought the dough to the bakers, who would tend the oven and bake the dough into the bread. The toque has been around since the 16th century but origination of baker clothing took place around the middle of nineteenth century when a famous French chef named Marie-Antoine Careme introduced a specific uniform for chefs and bakers in the honor of the profession.


There are millions of bakers and chefs in this world baking and cooking kinds of cuisines, however there is one similarity in all of them and that is their uniform and its color. The white color of baker clothing indicates cleanliness and purity. Moreover, during cooking, the kitchen tends to get quite hot and white is the best color to reflect the heat. The double breasted jacket has evolved over the decades into a highly functional and comfortable material. The double breasted jacket can be reversed in order to hide the stains when the baker has to greet the customers and additionally, it protects the baker from accidental spills of hot liquids. The jacket has full sleeves which are to protect the upper limbs. It is manufactured from a high quality cotton which is one of the best fabrics for hot environments and has proved to be durable as well. The baker clothing includes an imposing long, starched hat called toque. It prevents the hair from falling into the food and keeps the sweat off the face. Toque's long height disables the build up of heat and keeps the head cool. Aprons are optional and worn for additional security. Ideally, the apron should cover the chest and the lower extremities. They are available in various colors and patterns. They often include a wide pocket to the delight of many bakers as this allows the storage of few items which are used repeatedly during baking. The pants consist of striped or checked patterns of different colors. They are loose fitting like the jogging pants, in order to provide breathing room and comfort. Footwear must fit snugly, have built in fire protection and prevents from slipping on oily or wet floor.

Tips and comments

The baker clothing can be accessorized with cravats, kerchiefs and bandannas. The uniform does not always have to be white and can also be of other light colors like beige, khaki or sand brown. The clothing is primarily designed for protection and hygiene, thus it should fulfill the criteria irrespective of the colors and designs.