5 Tips For Clothing Gifts For An Equestrian
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5 Tips For Clothing Gifts For An Equestrian

Published at 03/27/2012 15:00:35


5 Tips For Clothing Gifts For An Equestrian

Equestrianism is referred to as the art of horse riding. It is something that was a part a long time and still is in practice. It has its own set of rules and regulations. One of the rules of the game is that to wear equestrian clothing. Equestrian clothing is like the old English clothing. There are many different types of accessories which are a part of the equestrian clothing. If you have an equestrian on your gift list and you are looking for the perfect gift to be given then there are ample options which you can choose from.

Step 1

When you list down equestrian clothing items to gift a friend who happens to be a horse’s lover then you can go for the wide range of hoodies, sweat shirts and T shirts because these are the things that the horse is worn during a game and sometimes are also worn by the person who is riding the horse. These shirts have slogans written on them or some sort of message to convey to the people and this type of shirts which have some sort of slogan written on them are famous.

Step 2

More important than the equestrian clothing are the various sorts of disciplines among the people which are followed. People who have love for horse riding simply love choker pins. The different designs if these include the fox heads, the French hunting horns, and many other combinations of cap and crop. Also included are the designs of bracelets, earrings etc. males usually prefer equine themed accessories.

Step 3

Also you can go with silver buttons which are used to place everything in place. They the ones which are available in western theme and they are more important as compared to the equestrian clothing. They are also available in the designs of western jewelry that is in the design of bracelets, earrings etc.

Step 4

If the person to whom you are giving the equestrian clothing has a horse that can go for horse races then you must go with clothes like blouses and shirts which are designed in the most appropriate way that is in a way which shows that that the game is very welcoming. There are certain types of designs for these blouses that you should keep in mind and you must always gift the common designs which are worn by horse riders. Because the designs of these blouses are like the ones which were worn by the old English people. if you give them something that does not match the old English designs then that might just offensive to them.

Step 5

Also when you go to pick out a blouse or a shirt for the horse riders you must be very careful and should know that the people who are horse riders have a conservative sense of style when it comes to equestrian clothing. They prefer wearing very sharp colors and if you give them colors which are not tat sharp then they might not like your present. So be very careful about it.


5 Tips For Clothing Gifts For An Equestrian

Equestrian clothing must be selected according to the choice of the person who you have to give a gift. When you look at what to pick out from the equestrian clothing you will be surprised to see the large number of items and also these might be very expensive at times.

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