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5 Tips For Designing Summer Clothing


With the arrival of summers a lot of events happen in the field of fashion which includes clothes, accessories, shoes and many more. There are many ways by which the many different designers design their clothes. They design the summer clothing with the best color choice and the best things to accessorize the clothes. It is said that when you go to purchase summer clothing you must be very careful and must try to purchase colors which are light, bright and represent the true colors of spring and summers. A few designers however have tried utilizing the fall colors in spring but that is just not a good idea. There are many ways which you can design your own clothes for summers without the help of any designer or any one.

Step 1

The very first thing that you need to do when are designing summer clothing is to chose the proper colors for your clothes. You must always try purchasing a color which represents the true colors of summer season. Try purchasing colors which when you wear you do not feel hot. These are the colors which do not absorb heat instead they reflect light. Such colors will prevent you from getting hot more often, during the summers.

Step 2

The next thing that you must try doing with your summer clothing is to have the shirt piece that you buy stitched in way that makes it breezy and windy. Such are the dresses which are very spacious and they are so much in fashion. Everyone has shirts and frocks designed this way, even the biggest designers and brand names. The advantage of such clothes is that it does not make you feel warm during the hottest of the summer days.

Step 3

The next thing that you can do with your summer clothing is that you have things attached to them. Try having the really big flowers attached to your sun dresses or to your baggy shirts. The addition of such types of flowers and broaches looks really good and t4rendy when you add them to your clothing. These flowers and other broaches can be of contrast color to the dress or of the same color. Sometimes they are the ones which have the factor of bling added to them.

Step 4

The other thing that you can do to design your summer clothing is to have bows attached to them at the back side. These bows are sometimes really big and sometimes they are not that big and sometimes they are at the front side of your sun dress or the back side of your sundress. It is also a common practice by many designers that they have bows of a printed fabric attached to the dress or even the shirts which you wear with jeans.

Step 5

The other thing you can do to your summer clothing to make it look good and stylish is to give them the shape of a flowing and long frock. They look really elegant and cute especially in summers and many girls go for dresses like these.


The summer clothing must be designed after looking at the designs of many famous designers and if you do not see the designs of these designers then you will never know what sort of designs are in fashion and what are not. Also when you are designing summer clothing you must never purchase a readymade dress as they are really expensive and except for the design nothing else is good about them.

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