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Classic Clothing Styles Of the 1980's


The 80’s saw the rise of stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna and the rise of pop music and the continued rise of rock. Guns N Roses became popular and bands like Aerosmith and Alice Cooper made great comebacks. Naturally the classic clothing styles of this decade emulated the styles of the pop and rock icons of this time. The classic clothing of the 80’s is signified with the styles that Madonna immortalized for women and by Michael Jackson’s white glove and red jacket for men.


The 1980s immortalized the street urchin look that Madonna sported during the era. Lingerie being worn as a fashion item over clothing, leotards, untidy big hair and wearing skirts over leggings was all made into fashion during this time. Punk styles came into the classic clothing scenario made popular by bands like the sex pistols. Leg warmers and sweatshirts too became popular during this point in time. The lace trend was also at an all time high. The 1980s had a diversity of fashion. Fads ranged from the valley girl style to power dressing, from the Miami Vice look to the new romantic. Later after the release of the popular music videos like Michael Jackson’s Thriller the untidy leather jacket and leather pants look was the fashion phenomenon for men while headbands, miniskirts with leggings, big jewelry and lace gloves were the fashion statement for the girls of the time after the release of Madonna’s Like a Virgin video.


The classic clothing styles of the 1980s included miniskirts, leggings, and acid wash jeans. The trend that is sported by a lot of young men today of band tee-shirts was immortalized during the 1980s. Other popular trends included the oversize tee shirt and sweatshirt craze. Guess laundry bags, oversize jewelry and bracelets like Madonna wore in her music videos. Bandanas and hair ties were a must. The whole trend was very rough and tough for casual clothing. It was the era of being wanted to be seen as tough and invincible as it was being portrayed by the pop culture of the time even in music videos like Michael Jackson’s ‘beat it’. For women wearing a lacy or silk bra on the outside was a fashion statement it was during this time the conical bras of Madonna gained fames. Wearing see-through or mesh shirts was also a trend amongst women. Brands that gained importance during this time were Ocean Pacific,Banana Republic ,Reebok, LA Gear, Liz Claiborne, Keds, Esprit, Gap, Jordache, Guess, Kaepa, Izod,Ralph Loren, Vans, Adidas.

Tips and comments

80s classic clothing styles have made a comeback. Some tips for dressing up in 80s classic clothing style are, choose a 80s trend first of all there was a lot going on so you can choose from a large variety of trends. For preppy girls there were floral dresses with pumps and headbands for others leg warmers and lace like Madonna. For boys tight jeans and band tees were popular. Stick with one trend not all. Wear chunky big sized accessories. Make your make up bold and bright like it was in the 80’s.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/27/2012
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