Clothing Styles For High School
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Clothing Styles For High School

Published at 03/27/2012 22:38:59


Clothing Styles For High School

One of the most important things for a teenager is high school clothing. It is important for a teenager to look really cool and so many times adults find their way of dressing inappropriate. We find it immature, childish and sometimes even vulgar, but for a teenager, it is all under the ‘cool’ category. Torn and faded jeans, t-shirts, and slippers are some of the few styles that teenagers follow. Polo’s/dress shirts and pants are for old and ‘un-cool’ people, according to them.


It is true that the dress code of a person reflects their personality, style and interests, and sometimes, employment situation. But for a teenager, employment and appropriate dressing for special occasions is a thing of the far-future. For example consider the various scenarios for which you would have an ideal and appropriate dressing style, and then think about the reasons for that style? Why did you choose that style? Teenagers might have their own reasons for dressing ‘inappropriately’ the main one being that it’s the latest FASHION. So when shopping for your teenage children, you might want to search the internet to find the items of high school clothing, determine the cost of each, and compare what you find online to what you might find in a local clothing store in your area, so that what you buy is as close to the latest high school clothing fashion as possible.


Nowadays high school clothing styles are a bit exceptional. Teenagers are very picky about matching and contrasting colors and making the style look naturally cool. If you go to a typical teenager’s house and looked in the closet, you would see his or her room organized and separated by different colors or types. Generally high schools students go for casual trendy wear, such as jeans, t-shirts, skirts and uppers. Torn and faded jeans are definitely in style nowadays and you might want to go for them, however tight fitted jeans for girls are also considered very hip. For guys the choices are usually less, nice denim jeans or go a little more casual with faded ones that are easily available. Try to avoid dress shirts and shirts in general since they give a too much of serious outlook. Go instead for t-shirts with imprinting on them of famous artists and brands. Some of the popular high school clothing brands are Hollister, American eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, Wet Seal, Forever 21. You might also want to look into good shoes such as sneakers or flat heel shoes, very popular in high schools nowadays.

Tips and comments

The truth is that fashion in high school isn’t necessarily as restricted as some might think. Teenagers have a lot of freedom in donning whatever they want to; in fact high school is where you generally get a chance to experiment as much as you can without looking totally out of place. Teenagers constantly wear high school clothing that goes against the grain of fashion, so take a leap, wear what you think suits you the best and you’ll find it generally works for you too.