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Finding Clothing For a One-Year-Old


Finding clothing for a one-year-old child is constantly a worry for many parents. They are always concerned about the type of clothes, which are suitable for their child and will also make them look good. Most of the people only look at the appearance of the clothes rather than thinking about the size, comfort and quality. This is a very important concern for your child, and you should be careful while choosing any clothing for your one-year-old child.


Quality of the clothing

You should look for following qualities in clothes while buying them - lightweight, soft and durable. The texture of the Clothing for one-year-old maybe rough from the inside and can make your child feel uncomfortable and might even make him cry. The clothes should be light in terms of weight so that your child can move around freely. You should choose the one clothing which can be washed frequently and can be worn repeatedly.

Color and design of the clothing

Look at the design and the color of the one clothing before making any decision to buy it. Most one-year-old children are filled with emotions like happiness, fun and love and get attracted to clothes easily. You can get that perfect one clothing for your child by visiting any store in your nearest supermarket, or you can go for any online shop. The online shops provide you with clothes of different brands at reasonable prices. They also give a lot of discounts and offer free shipping as well.


Design, fabric and size of the clothing

You should choose clothing for your one year old child who can be easily taken off. Most clothing either come in one piece or two pieces. You should not go for clothing with only one piece because your child may face difficulty with taking it off before going to the toilet. Clothes having suspenders are also very much difficult for the children to manage so avoid them as well. Go for pants, which do not require any belt. You should also avoid any cheap quality fabric and texture. These materials might get lint balls after just a few washes. If you buy T-shirts, then make sure that they are made of 100 percent cotton. Some clothes have painted designs on them, which can cause allergy in your child. You should also buy a little longer clothing for your one year old child.

Tips and comments

Avoid designs which contain images like knives, skeleton, etc. as it may scare your child. Get to know about the likes and dislikes of your child who will help you in buying the clothes. Take care of the size when you are buying clothing as your child might grow in size very quickly. Most of the clothes come in the sizes of 2T, 3T and 4T, which are based on the size of the children from two to be four-year-old. The clothing should not contain tricky zippers, excessive buttons or any kind of distracting objects.

By Sia Attavar, published at 03/28/2012
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