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How To Get the Proper Fit in Women Size Clothing

Published at 04/04/2012 07:08:49


Women size clothing comes in a myriad of categories, styles, and sizes. These categories include petite, tall, misses, women, and plus. Sizes can also be listed as small, medium, large, and XL. Choosing a well fitted garment also entails the body shape. Selecting the right size garment can be a bit confusing. However, the information listed here should make getting the proper fitted garment a little less daunting.

Step 1

 The four basic body shapes for women size clothing are:

  • Hourglass is very curvy with a define waistline. The shoulders and bust are harmonious with the shape of the hips and buttocks.
  • Triangle is smaller on the top with a define waist and wider hips. Usually,the derriere is full and round but, can be flat.
  • Oval is about the same size on the top, midsection, and hips. Although, waist is not well defined, but, the legs are usually very shapely.
  • Rectangular is body frame that's in line with all the body parts. Although, the waist is undefined, this shape You has nice hips, balanced thighs, and amazing legs.

Discover your Body Shape to find styles and that are best suited for your figure.


Step 2

What to wear for body shapes in women size clothing:

  • Hourglass -  clothes naturally look good on this body shape. Wear styles that show off a well defined waistline such as large belts and wrap around dresses.
  • Triangle.wear necklines that show expose the neck are such as scoops, and v necks. Accentuate the bust line with ruffles or pleating. Wear belts and dresses that cinch and show off the waistline. Such as Wrap around dresses and empire styles. Wear lengths that are a-line, maxi, and cocktail. In order to de-emphasize  the legs fullness and to elongate them wear flare or boot cut pants.
  • Oval to give the appearance of a defined waist, wear belts, faux style wrap and draped dresses. Necklines that are v-neck or a low scoop will elongate the body. For slimmer looking arms wear sleeves that are3/4, 5/8 and bracelet-length. Wear knee length hem lines, high split dresses, and tiered, straight, trumpet and tulip skirts to show off those shapely gams.
  • Rectangular wear necklines that come below the collarbone to make the neck and upper body appear longer. Wide belts and cinchers to create a more define waist, and pencil skirts or fuller skirts add to a feminine touch. Dresses that are cut on a bias, draped style, layered looks, blousie blouses, ruffles and other womanly details will help create a soft feminine look.





Step 3

What not to wear for body shapes in women size clothing:

  • Hourglass shapes should avoid clothing that is boxy or ill fitting that doesnt emphasize the waist.
  • Triangle shapes should avoid wearing clothing that is too bulky and doesnt define the waist line.
  • Oval shapes should avoid wearing clothing that adds too much material such as pleats. Although, the layered look works well for this shape.
  • Rectangular shapes should avoid clothing that doesnt add curves or look feminine such as oversized shirts and baggy or ill fitted pants. 

Step 4

Women size clothing are categorized as:

  • XS = extra small. generally fits size 0-2.
  • S = small, generally fits size 4-6.
  • M = medium, generally fits sizes 8-10.
  • L= large, generally fits sizes 12-14.
  • XL = extra large, generally fits sizes 16-18.
  • Plus sizes = generally fits sizes over 18.



Step 5

Women size clothing are also categorized by:

  • Misses - more mature style in sizes 2 - 20.
  • Women - for the full figured woman sizes 20 and over.
  • Plus sizes - also for full figured women that are sizes 1X, 2X, 3X and over.
  • Consult size charts for proper fit for women size clothing.

Step 6

Standard size charts include:

  • General Size, (S,M,L, XL) chest and waist and hip measurements
  • Petite size, (S,M,L, XL) chest and waist  and hip measurements
  • Tall size, (S,M,L, XL) chest and waist  and hip measurements
  • Misses size, (S,M,L, XL) chest and waist and hip measurements