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Clothing made of cashmere is prized because of their softness and gentleness on the skin. It is also a warm type of fabric making it an ideal material for sweaters, cardigans, and pullovers. However, cashmere clothing is expensive as they come from cashmere goats that are bred and raised in the Himalayan Mountains. Therefore, finding them online is not a bad idea where you can get inexpensive deals on cashmere clothing.



Decades ago, there were no one stop shops. Everything was specialized. If you need cashmere clothing, you go to a knit wear shop selling these types of apparel that were usually hand made. For shoes, you go to a shop that only sells footwear. However, the retail industry has changed so much over the years. Nowadays, there is an abundance of multipurpose stores that sell everything from cashmere clothing and wool socks to hardware and groceries. In addition, these types of stores are also available online making them convenient places for the shopper to buy anything without leaving the house.




Cashmere clothing specialists exist online such as Johnston Cashmere ( and Eugenie Cashmere ( These types of web store have old traditions of producing and selling cashmere clothing from sweaters and scarves to hand gloves and stoles. If you want to find pure cashmere clothing, head off for these types of stores.

The big online retailers such as Amazon and EBay carry cashmere clothing. These stores get their merchandise from various sellers all over the world and you can find any type of cashmere clothing that you want. Of course, cashmere clothing may not be easy to find at certain seasons, and you will not see a lot of styles and stocks in summer. Schedule purchases during the spring show for cashmere clothing or wait for winter sales to buy them at reduced prices. The only advantage is, you’re a season behind, but this hardly matters as usually, cashmere clothing have classic styles that will take you through the seasons.

Look if physical stores have online shops, too for cashmere clothing. If they do, it’s easier to shop for them online and have them delivered at your doorstep. In addition, you can already contact the owner and ask when new styles and designs are going to be sold.

Consider using the Yellow Pages in your area and check which online sites carry cashmere clothing. The webstore and email address are written so you can check these stores on the internet. Equally, you can verify if there are web stores of physical shops which sell cashmere clothing. Most carry cashmere clothing in addition to other merchandise such as footwear and accessories. Examples of these shops are Lord & Taylor and TJ Maxx. You can also get cheaper cashmere clothing at online shops of discount stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

Repeat Cashmere is another shop that offers cashmere clothing from two-piece cardigans and sweaters to pullovers and jerseys. In the US, J. Crew sells them as well as Woolovers USA. You can also use Nextag to find retailers of cashmere clothing online. Neiman Marcus, Coolibar, Lucky Brand Jeans, Crawford, The Vermont Country Store, Talbots, and Shop National are stores where you can buy cashmere clothing. Accessories such as cashmere-lined gloves can be bought from Orvie, Leather Gloves Online, and Gaba Bella.



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Outlet shops of major retailers are also great sources of cashmere clothing and you find these stores selling them online. There are often sales and discounts and if you want to know when these cashmere clothing are going to be on sale, sign up for the stores' newsletter.

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