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Top 5 Websites That Sell Corset Clothing


The word corset is derived from the Latin word corpus which means body. Traditionally, a corset was worn both as a style statement and a means to maintain the coveted hourglass figure. Such corsets were quite uncomfortable. However, contemporary fashion boasts of a number of corsets which look like traditional corsets but do not have any effect on the figure. Such corset clothing may be worn purely for aesthetic purposes. There are a number of garment companies which specialize in corset clothing. Such clothing may also be purchased online.


This website,, offers a comprehensive range of corset clothing. Some of the popular models include Gothic corsets, burlesque corsets, over bust and under bust corsets and corsets with straps. Apart from corsets, the website also features other clothing items like prom gowns, dresses, lingerie and so on. The website is very user friendly and they also have a section on how to select your first corset. There are also a couple of videos which illustrate the intricacies of corset clothing. The website offers free shipping for all orders above 150 Great Britain Pounds. The facility of free shipping is limited to the U.K. only.

Not only does have some of the best corset clothing, but they also have a spectacular range of sexy costumes, hosiery, footwear, cross dresser costumes, accessories lingerie and even menswear. This website has an undercurrent of sensuality but isn't that what corset clothing is all about? The website also some of the most reasonable prices in the industry. In case you have problems with your garments, their refund policy is pretty reasonable.


The website is owned by Janice Whitehorn who claims to be Englands leading designer of corset clothing and jewellery. This might seem to an over ambitious statement but a look at their marvellous collection will dispel any doubts that you may have against the website. Janice goes to great lengths to make sure that each piece of garment is meticulously tailored to suit person needs and desires. Unlike other websites where you have to choose from an existing collection, this website allows you to have direct access to the designer. This make sures that your corset clothing will be designed exactly as you want it. The prices are a tad expensive but the quality and uniqueness is unmatched.

The website has quite a lot of variety. It also features some of the most affordable. The website claims that all corset clothing will be shipped free of cost worldwide. also has some of the coolest accessories and jewellery on the web. This website is definitely worth a look.even if you are not into corset clothing.


This website is perhaps the most complete corset clothing website. The designs are a perfect game of traditional and contemporary styling. You also have the option of ordering a customised, tailor made corset. As of 2012, the company has been in operation for 2 decades and the clothes are manufactured in Toronto in Canada. This company has catered to the likes of many celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Drew, Erin Cummings and more.

By Sia Attavar, published at 04/02/2012
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Top 5 Websites That Sell Corset Clothing. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.