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How To Make Corset Clothing


Corset clothing is a very popular look not only in the bedroom, but in high fashion. Many women enjoy this fashion look, but find that the corsets on the market don't quite suit their tastes and fashion needs. It is not very hard to make your own corset clothing if you have some basic sewing skills.This can be a great and fun way to create all new corset looks for your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to try it out, you can have a lot of fun doing it!

Step 1

You will first need to know your measurements before you begin making your corsets clothing. You should measure in several areas to be sure that you get a proper fit. You will need a waist measurement and the fullest part of your waist, just around your navel area. You should then measure along your bra band area and across the fullest part of your breasts. You will then need to measure from just below your armpit area to your waist and decide on the length of the sides. Once you have all of your measurements, you will be ready to look for materials for your corsets clothing.

Step 2

You can make corsets clothing out of different types of materials such as satin, leather, and even plastic faux leathers. It is important that you choose a material that will fit well and be comfortable. Corsets can be comfortable even though they look quite the opposite. Once you have decided on a material, you are ready to mark it off and began measuring. You will need to take your measurements that you measured earlier and have them written down. You will need to lay your material on the opposite side or inner side. You will use a fabric marker to mark off your measurements for cutting. Use a white fabric marker on darker material.

Step 3

Once you have all of your measurements marked off, you will begin the cutting process. It is important to follow a good corset pattern unless you are truly adept at creating clothing. You can buy these patterns and also find them online for free. Be careful when you are cutting out your pieces for your corset clothing, because once you make a cut, there is no going back. It is advisable that you have extra material on hand for mistakes that are made. Cut your pattern out very carefully and take your time to avoid errors. This is the part that you truly want to spend a lot of time on.

Step 4

Once you have all of your pieces cut out for your corsets clothing, it is time for the fun part. This is the part where you begin sewing your pieces together. Most traditional corsets should be somewhat snug, so you should place the pieces together for a final fitting before you finalize the corset clothing. You will need to decide what type of boning that you want to use in your corset. You can make these yourself, but you may want to buy them from a good corset supply store. The link below has all of the supplies that you will need to make your special piece.

Step 5

You can also add lacing and other embellishments that can make your corset clothing look special. Beading and lacing can bring out the corset and make it truly your own. Don't be afraid to experiment with different embellishments and details to get a great look for you. This is the most fun part of the entire process, so enjoy it and play up different looks until you get the best look for your corset.


Measure carefully to avoid problems with fit.

Make your cuts very carefully.

Take your time.

Choose your materials wisely.

Have fun.


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