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How To Find a Womens Clothing Size


Choosing the right womens clothing size is a woman’s worst shopping nightmare; while men have standardized sizes for clothing, women must battle many hurdles. Women’s clothing come in various sizes and clothing manufacturers have not come up with standard sizes that women can comfortably adhere to during their shopping trips. Many women have ended home with wrong sizes after elaborate shopping sprees; here are a few steps to help you determine womens clothing size.

Step 1

Take Careful measurements of your body

Never embark on another fateful shopping spree without taking measurements of your bust, waist, hips and bra sizes using a clothes tape measure. The best way to measure womens clothing size is stand upright against a full-length mirror and let someone take the measurements on you. If possible, take the measurements when you are undressed and with arms at your side to get the most accurate results and jot down these measurements.

Step 2

Compare against the US size guide

With the measurements at hand, get hold of the US size guide to determine the various standad womens clothing size that your body can accommodate. The US size guide was developed in the 40s and 50s from statistical data of American women. However, this guide is no longer accurate and various manufacturers have different definitions of size, thus this method might not necessarily be reliable.

Step 3

Take a second measuremet at the store

To be sure, take a second measurement at the clothing store and let the shop attendant help you determine the correct womens clothing size for you. Most shop attendants have a good understanding of womens clothing size be it plus size women or petite and will give you the right fit in many cases. Ensure you note down the shop attendant’s measurements to ease the burden on you on your next shopping trip.

Step 4

Use your visual estimation and intuition

Sometimes when it comes to shopping for women’s clothing, the eyes can be our best judge on the best womens clothing size, helping select good fitting clothes. Many women trust their intution when shopping for clothes and are able to get desired sizes just by looking. This method cannot however be trusted to deliver good results all the time, for example a woman might have a bad eyesight.

Step 5

Try on the dresses

This is the last and most effective way to finally secure the preferred womens clothing size; if it fits on you in the store, then it must by all means fit at home. Trying clothes on removes all shreds of doubt that the clothes you are paying for are definitely the right sizes. Many women trust this method the most when buying their clothes and many clothing stores provide changing rooms where you can try on clothes you want.

Tips and Comments

Women will continue struggling into the future in finding the right womens clothing size with many fashion designers now employing the controversial vanity sizing methods. Women also continue to face some hurdles when shopping online where you don’t get a chance to measure or try the clothes on. However innovative technologies like Upcload will ease the size uncertainties during online shopping; it’s also advisable for women to always have a great taylor at hand.

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By Kennedy Jacob, published at 03/30/2012
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