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How To Clean Ring Around the Collar on Clothing


Ring around the collar comes from your sweat and the oils on your skin. It can occur no matter how clean you are or how little you sweat. It is that yellow ring that does not wash out around your collar and sometimes your cuffs. It is important to get rid of that clothing ring before it sets in and ruins your shirt. There are some easy ways to remove ring around the collar stains and even ways that you can help to prevent them. If you follow these simple steps, your collars will be clean and fresh again in no time.

Step 1

One great trick to remove the clothing ring is used by dry cleaners to this day. It is Dawn dish detergent. You just need to pour it on the ring around the collar and let it set for about two hours. You can rub it in if you like. The detergent will begin to break up the oils and sweat to remove the stain. Once you have let it sit for two hours, you need to throw it in the wash and wash it in cold water so that the stains can be removed. Make sure that you check the ring clothing to be sure it is gone before you throw it in the dryer.

Step 2

You can also treat your ring clothing with shampoo. Shampoo is also great at removing ring around the collar. You will treat it in the same way that you did with the Dawn liquid. Just pour the shampoo over the area and use the shirt to rub it in. Let it sit for a couple of hours and then rub it in some more. Put the shirt in the wash and wash it in cold water. This will help break up the sweat and oil stains so that the wash can remove them. Make sure that you check the ring clothing to make sure that the stain has been removed before you proceed with drying it.

Step 3

Spray and Wash stick works really well on ring clothing stains. All you need to do is rub it in really thick over the stain and work it in well with your fingers. Let this sit on the stain for about two hours so that it can break up the stain. This usually works really well. Once you have let it sit for a good long while, you will wash it in the washer in cold water. If the stain is not removed, you can treat it again. This works great to remove those collar stains and bring back the nice look to your shirt.

Step 4

You can help to prevent ring clothing stains by pre-treating your collar with Spray n' Wash. Just lightly spray it when it is dry and let it thoroughly dry. This will help prevent ring around the collar This is an excellent way to help prevent sweat stains from setting in. If you will do these each and every time that you wash your shirt, you will keep your shirt looking nice and new without stains.

Step 5

Take care of your garments and you will make them last much longer. Your ring clothing stain can be removed with a little work.


Take your shirt to the dry cleaner if you are having trouble getting the ring clothing stain out.

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