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How To Care For Clothing For An Infant Boy


A baby’s or infant’s clothes are really the cutest clothing that you could find. These tiny little clothes surely make your child more adorable. If you’re a first time mom for an infant boy, you should know how to wash infant boy clothing to make sure that it would not be easily damaged. Here are some steps that you could follow.

Step 1

 Read washing and caring instructions

Like any other clothing, you should always make sure to read washing and caring instruction of the infant boy clothing. This will help you in knowing how to properly take care and wash the clothing for it not to be easily destroyed. It would also depend on the type of fabric that is used. Some type of fabric is not advisable to be tumbled dry, or some may even have specific washing conditions.

Step 2

 Wash clothes mildly

When washing infant boy clothing, make sure to wash the clothes mildly by turning your washer up to the mild option. Also, make sure not to mix the adults clothing because it can be a cause of wearing out your child’s clothing. If you want to, it would be much safer to hand wash the clothing to better make sure that it will be mildly washed and will last long.

Step 3

 Use special detergents when needed

There are advantages of using special detergents for baby clothes. Special detergents have chemicals that are safe for the baby or infant and it is also needed if your child’s skin is very sensitive. These detergents also have milder action on the infant boy clothing making sure that the fabric would still last long. Some of these special detergents in the market are Dreft, all Free & Clear, Purex ultra liquid detergent for baby, Selestial soap natural laundry detergent, Seventh Generation baby laundry detergent, Charlie’s soap, and Mrs. Meyer’s baby blossom laundry detergent. However, if your child doesn’t really have skin problems and do not show signs of allergic reaction to his infant boy clothing, then it’s no longer necessary to use these special detergents. You can use the same detergent that you usually use in washing your own clothes.

Step 4

 Iron gently

There are some infant boy clothing that require to be tumbled dry so that you will no longer have to iron the clothes. The only problem with tumble drying is that there is a chance that the infant boy clothing will shrink so it would be much safer to just iron the clothes. When you iron the clothes, make sure to turn it up on mild heat since the fabric of these clothing is not as thick as the fabric of adult clothing. If the clothing has prints, make sure to iron inside out so that the prints will not be damaged by the iron.

Step 5

 Buy more clothing

Babies and infants change clothes very often so you would always need to wash them. Frequent washing will easily wear out the clothes so it would be better if you buy more infant boy clothing so that you won’t have to frequently wash the clothes. At least, you won’t have to always wash and wear the infant boy clothing. If you buy more clothing, you can wash clothes every other day or in any longer intervals, making sure that the clothing will last long. You don’t really have to worry about having to waste such huge amount of clothing in case your child outgrows them.


You can always sell the clothing, give it to other new moms, or even use it for your next baby since you are sure that all these clothes are still in good condition because they are all well taken care of.


By Bob Meadow, published at 04/03/2012
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