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About the Shrug Clothing Trend


A shrug is a term related to clothing and fashion and refers to a woman’s miniature jacket. It is not necessarily a jacket; it may also be a cardigan or a sweater that is open down at the front. Shrug clothing is a very trendy wear for winters. It helps you look lighter and fashionable at the same time. If the shrug clothing is made up of a suitable material, it helps block out the chilled winds of the winter season perfectly well. These trendy wears without a front can be worn to almost any occasion and may pass for clothing chosen for the occasion.


Shrug clothing has a very interesting history. This type of clothing traditionally originated from everyday knitted sweaters. Unlike the chick clothing, shrug clothing is made up of thicker than usual fabric. Most of the time, the fabric used in making shrug clothing is a mix of cotton and wool. This mixture of fabrics helps provide an excellent insulation from the cold and an amazing thermal comfort. Knitted sweaters are the best choice in clothes during winters because they not only provide you with perfect insulation, they also help you look trendy and in style. Many women like to spot these shrug sweaters on casual and formal dresses alike. Shrug clothing has another very evident advantage. Usually, plus size woman find it difficult to choose appropriate clothes for their wardrobes By appropriate here, I mean clothes that make them look less out of shape and more in trend. Shrug clothing, more or less, solves the problem of plus size women. These shrugs are designed in such a way that they do not make one’s figure look very evident and makes them look perfectly stylish at the same time.


If one is looking for casual shrug clothing, they might want to try out the knitted shrugs. These are more like open jackets than cardigans. Moreover, these perfectly casual things can be designed to have long sleeves or short sleeves, depending on how you feel comfortable at home. This type of shrug clothing is usually popular in the winter season. They can be worn with chic tops and other casual winter wear. This type of shrug clothing is very popular with women in winters and forms an integral part of their wardrobes in the cold season. Knitted shrugs are available in various styles, designs and patterns. These shrugs are easily available at wholesale clothing outlets. One can also order them online, which adds to the convenience.

Tips and comments

Shrug clothing is very advantageous in the sense that it has both the ability to make one look classy and make them feel at home at the same time. It can prove to be comfortable ad warm, without sacrificing the physical appearance of the person wearing it. Shrug clothing comes in different designs. It does not constrict itself to the traditional shrug style. Shrugs come with different kinds of sleeves, collars, waists, etc. Moreover, they are available in tremendous eye catching colors from almost anywhere in the world.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/30/2012
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